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Could legal pot truly be the answer to literally everything, including real estate?



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"Legal Pot Saves Real Estate"

  1. Free Speech says:

    Sure, why not? Loan officers snorting cocaine at their desks in the early 2000’s made things great!

  2. nino perrone says:

    I don’t smoke it but it needs to be legal. This is America- Land of the free. Even dumb people can be productive. They certainly are happier than very smart people. Acreage in Calaveras County has already gone up in price with “talk” of legalization of growing for a profit. Time to give the cops nothing to do.

  3. Michelle Tyler Bailey says:

    God help us.

    Legalization? What are we teaching our kids. This is the legacy of our generation. We will wake up in 20 years and wonder what happened.

    We took a trip to a small town in the mountains in Colorado last summer and found a herd of 30 homeless teenagers. The locals said that they showed up when pot became legal. Yeah they’re banking it in CO on the backs of the next generation

    Does anybody remember the old PSA? I learned it from watching you!

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