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Real Estate agents “KnowMe” App is Perfect For First Time Home Buyers and its FREE to market your listings to first time home buyers. Its called “Knowme” and its available to download in your app store. The age demographic on this platform from what I saw was in the age bracket of 20-30’s and the platform is a community within itself. Yes you can export these fun video clips to facebook and sknowme apppread the awareness but the content I think will be better executed by building the awareness organically from the community already on the platform and this is why. The app is cell phone based and the culture on the app understands that the video that they are watching is coming from a cell phone. I know there is big debate on hiring professional photographers and I agree that you need to do this, but since the apps native content is cell phone content people are not going to count out your content because you shot it with your cell phone.

Look at it like this, its a perfect way to get a jump start on marketing the home while you wait for your professional photographer to deliver quality photos for the MLS. How the app works is that you take video clips native inside the app and creates video clips that will be stored on your timeline, after you take a video you can then put a picture right after the video and then record some more dialogue over the photo then you can repeat and repeat until you are done with creating the content then you can now publish your presentation and upload it to the community. Look at it as a way to create a appropriate cellphone virtual tour 😉 I think that this could be a great to generate business and drive awareness to your business and listings. Check out the video below to learn more and as always please share and this video with other agents who you think could benefit!



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"“KnowMe” App is Perfect For First Time Home Buyers"

  1. Bill Thoma says:

    I can't view the vidoe feed. This has been going on for a few weeks.

  2. Bill and Bob Sorry dont know whats going on. If you go to http://www.facebook.com/gdavismedia you can view the video there sorry for the inconvenence.

  3. I'm loving this app! I sent one to our agents recently. It's a little rough, but I'll keep working on it 🙂 Here is my first attempt: http://www.knowme.com/content/bf4e0f0f-d90d-486c-ac3b-c50613d57476
    Thanks for sharing the app!

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