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additional comments on
"Keller Makes a Shift"

  1. Scott Johnson says:

    It’s the same issue that has plagued the mortgage business for over a decade. The same old, no bright idea people are still in charge.

  2. Scott Davis says:

    What everyone seems to be glossing over, you guys alluded to it briefly in the past, but when a RE Brokerage trys their hand at the mortgage piece, its tantamount to a slap in the face to career mortgage lenders. GK is saying, “we don’t need seasoned professionals, we(I) can do this just as well if not better.” To be truly successful and create longevity, What we need are true partnerships between RE/Lending, not MSAs or JVs or agents that lend and vise versa. But solid relationships. The only time I really have issues (with the lender home owner relationship/process) is when I am working with a new (either relationship to me or new to the industry) realtor that does not advocate on my behalf. I will always talk up the agent to the home buyers, letting them know how lucky they are to be working with X realtor. Maybe slightly off topic, but the gist really is, “stay in your lane” and maximize the client experience and dazzle with your skill set. Don’t be a jack of all trades and master of none. That is what will get us all through the ebb and back into the flow of what we do. My 2¢ anyway.

  3. Rustan Tongg says:

    What is being overlooked is GK and his then top 20% agents revised the company during a time that demanded a shift from the two industry standards. The two industry standards at that time being 1. The dependent standard (CB, Prudential) and 2. The independent standard (Remax). He was at the helm when a shift was happening in the industry and created something no one heard of before, an interdependent standard/model. With the company in motion and pointed in the right direction, Gary found the right “who” at each respective time to captain the ship. Industry leaders like Mark Willis and John Davis took this company to be #1 in the world in all three categories: Agent count, transaction count, and volume. Not many companies can attest to this type of accomplishment.

    Fast forward with the 4th industrial revolution and you have the introduction of another industry Shift at hand. GK saw this Industry Shift 2 years ago when most people were still intoxicated from the rising market. He began laying the foundation for the past to years. The industry is shifting towards either the tech enabled agent vs the agent enabled tech. Sure it sounds like Noah crying “there’s a flood coming” and everyone scoffed and called him crazy yet time told the story. It’s like innovators saying there will be driverless cars and many thought them crazy yet time told the story. Wisdom would say that you may want to come from curiosity, give the man the respect he deserves as he has built the largest real estate company in the world. Again, you can count on your one hand the amount of people that have accomplished this in the real estate industry.

    If you don’t understand why someone, who has accomplished as much as GK has, is doing something a certain way, then you may want to ask clarifying questions instead of making comments from a perspective that has very little context because of the lack of a matching reference point. The bottom line is that time will tell the story.

    Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on, an Industry Shift is at hand and the stakes are extremely high as it’s our very professions that are on the line. When you carry that forward, we quickly realize that what we are really talking about is the well being of our families and our livelihoods. I’ll bet on GK all day long as he has a proven track record. I pray you are able to say the same of whomever you’re following!


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