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There are certain factors at play right now that could possibly end the CFPB or at least drastically change the way they operate.  We’ll see what happens.  At the end of the day the consumer absolutely needs to be protected from predatory lenders no matter what industry they lend within.  We do however, need the regulatory agency to operate fairly when examining companies and dolling out fines.



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"Is the End of the CFPB in Sight?"

  1. Milo Elliott says:

    Was that a Rand Paul subliminal message?

  2. Vernon Morrison says:

    CFPB is one of the worst organizations ever created. They need to be fully disbanded…

  3. I thought I was the only one that saw that. Lol

  4. I just spent 10 min trying to pause on that frame haha

  5. Mark Brown says:

    You're assuming that the Dems don't win with their double-threat of either Hillary or Bernie…wait…thinking individuals might just vote clearly away from further debacle, and toward…..Republicans. OK, it might happen. And then, as every front-runner has stated….Richard's reign of terror would be over.
    BUT…this is a pretty large part of the self-perpetuating oligarchy called C…F…P…B. And, that clearly will be a Herculean feat to dismantle it. My money is on a kinder, gentler version. I don't think that WHOMEVER gets the top-post will be able to abolish this monster. They will soon find bigger fish to fry. They might put a halter on it, but I believe it will be around for some time to lend additional burdens on ALL Americans.

  6. Bernie says:

    I can only hope and pray you both are correct and the CFPB along with Obamacare goes the way of the dinosaurs. God has heard our mortgage prayers and the disgust of the American people. Shut the two most ridiculous and out of control dept of corruption our govt has ever set up. Obamacare and the CFPB

  7. Keith Morgan says:

    Yes, because if you vote Republican you're a "thinking indivivdual." Have you already forgotten that Bush (Republican) put our economy in the toilet and that's why we now have a CFPB?

  8. Julie Brown says:

    Chandler Crouch I tried to go back and pause on that frame and had no luck either. It was a cheap shot a subliminal messaging. 🙂

  9. Hillary and Bernie are threat to our Nation…not this years election. Hopefully common sense this time may actually prevail and we can get back to repairing the damage done over the past 10 years.

  10. Dora Griffin says:

    Mark, how long have Repubs had the house and senate? If cfpb goes away it will be because whoever we send to the house or senate actually wants to represent US and make them go away, actually listen to their constituents and not the lobbyists and pacs that put them there. Keith Morgan has an excellent point!

  11. Dora Griffin says:

    What a tease…. "end of cfpb in sight". Never gonna happen. If Trump or Bloomberg won the highest office in the land they are going to be most focused on their millions or, er billions, not anything that is going to benefit Main Street. Be careful what you vote for. (and I actually like Bloomberg). As to crowd funding – we need to crowd fund a class action suit to get rid of cfpb and HVCC/AIR. Appraisals are a huge problem. I've been dealing with one for six weeks now the dufus can't get right.

  12. Keith Morgan the one that started the ball rolling and put "our economy in the toilet" was Bill Clinton……….you apparently are one of the many Sheeple that after almost 8 years ARE STILL BLAMING BUSH……..please stay away from the shed as you are not the sharpest TOOL in there………

  13. Dora Griffin maybe you should go on an adventure with boots and see if you you can also find your brain……..the correct terminology is "whomever" btw……..and it better be a Republican because if any of those two Liberal Democratic Socialist Psychopaths get elected, this Great Country will not recover……………..

  14. Carl Self says:

    The biggest question I have always had about the CFPB is why don't they consumers that were harmed get the money fined?

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