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Is BofA Being Treated Fairly?



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"Is BofA Being Treated Fairly?"

  1. George Belt MHM Corp says:

    Poor Frank, he has to work behind Brian’s ID nameplate. Like Dangerfield, “I get no respect.” E for evidence. TGIF

  2. Kyle S Dawson says:

    So if you don’t lend in these communities you are a racist and if you do, apparently you’re still a racist, hard to win that fight. So now the lender is now responsible for caring for every home they lend on, how completely absurd! I wish that was true because I’d be calling my mortgage company now about a few projects around my house.

  3. Dan Scott says:

    I did not see a real difference in how homes in neighborhoods represented by BofA were treated. I had an agent handling properties for BofA, and she never complained of this issue and she was the type of agent who would have complained. Vallejo was in the top 10 communities in the US for notices of default for 3 years running too. If they were so concerned why have they waited till there are virtually no foreclosures to complain? So typical!

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