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Todays show talks about how IRS verification could mean less of a commission check for you!



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  1. Rodney Massie says:

    We haven’t ordered a verification in over a year since joining Finance of America Mortgage. DU doesn’t ask for them, only a signed 4506T.

  2. Michael Grant says:

    Okay PEOPLE, it is time to wake up to reality. NOT EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO LIVE IN CALIFORNIA! Building wall to wall condos won’t solve the housing problem. Not everyone wants to live on top of everyone else, or even so close to each other that they can shake hands with their neighbor while each is in his or her own bathroom. Normal people live in California for one reason… the WEATHER! Others live here because the People’s Republic of California will give them free everything. It’s the freebies that keep the Sacramento Swamp re-elected and in power, and the Swamp Rats know it. If you can’t afford to live in California you will eventually have to move somewhere where you can afford to live. The last time I checked, sorry previous president, there are 49 other states in the country, and most of them HAVE houses that are affordable, jobs, and lower state taxes! Why in the heck does any one want to live here anyway? If it wasn’t for the reasons mentioned above, most people would be leaving on the first available U-Haul. And many already are.

  3. Ray Waisler says:

    HA, let the IRS do what they will cause I don’t care since I DO NOT need to order IRS verification of any kind on any of my Conventional, FHA or VA products.

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