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In this edition of War Story Wednesdays, San Francisco real estate and insurance bad faith trial attorney Christopher Hanson tells the story of  how a full price cash offer just wasn’t good enough to get the deal. (Adapted from Real Pro v. Smith, 203 Cal.App.4th 1215)

By Christopher Hanson. I’m an experienced trial lawyer, not just a litigator. I’m not afraid of (and actually enjoy) being in a courtroom.  I’ve been called ingenious, tenacious, and strategic.  I’ll take those accolades.





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"Invitation to Bid"

  1. It appears that you've changed something and I never see your videos anymore. Is there a setting I need to fix on my iPhone? I enjoy Your morning information and I have been missing it since the beginning of the year

  2. Bill Thoma says:

    I am having the same problem.

  3. Lowell Ash says:

    Same problem. No videos for a while now.

  4. Murph Hayes says:

    Same here. Today's video had no sound. Other's have not run at all.

  5. Al Kingham says:

    stunning video, not to the extent of specific performance in forcing a seller to accept an agreed upon price, but the non-enforcement of the agreed upon commission having presented a full price offer.

  6. James Harvey says:

    Great video, welcome to real estate 101!
    If your a broker like myself you should have already known about this. Our new listing contracts in CA spell out what happens to a seller who interferes with a sale and try's to block the listing agents efforts in selling. Yes, Virginia there are times a seller will do everything they can to block a sale during the listing and even escrow period.

  7. Must be a CA problem.Had this happen years ago in Michigan and the Judge told the seller..fine..you decided you don't want to sell..pay the commission anyway..ALL of it.SInce there were NO extenuating circumstances like his financial situation had changed and he had decided NOT to sell….AND he would NOT allow the court to put any kind of restriction on him selling in future to the same buyer…he decided he'd better just move ahead with our offer since he would be paying commission anyway.Stupid of MY seller to contact the buyer behind our backs and tell him what he was going to do…..although my buyer NEVER said a word about being approached prior to the end of the trial ….but it tipped me off to be watching for that after this case was resolved

  8. greg grapsasa says:

    First time i ever heard you need a comma before the word “or”.

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