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Quicken does a survey and compiles their Home Value Perception Index which always proves to have some interesting information.  Today we go over it.



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"Interesting Home Value Perception Index from Quicken"

  1. Sandi Crawford says:

    How timely was the post…seconds before I opened an email from an appraiser giving me a “courteous heads up” that her valuation came way below the contract price of a property there was on the Market 2 days! Seriously? Two industry professionals, with a combined 40+ years of experience, top producers in the communities they serve are left speechless while our clients suffer the greatest loss of all…unclaimable equity! Supported data derived from increased tax assessments year over year, a new construction, neighborhood approval of like-quality houses steps away and a positive corporate outlook on job growth leaves me stunned. This intolerable state of affairs, leaves many homeowners with an inability to recover financially from the gaffs of the shark suckers of the hosing debacle of 2008-2011. Dig deeper and don’t tell us what we already know…throw us a lifeline! Someone provide a solution! In case you were wondering…comps provided, market stats always at hand.

  2. Ruth Vogt says:

    I SHARED! Hope I am one of the first 50!! Let me know where to come to pick up the Lamborghini … or message me for where to send the $1m!! I know you said you have to SEE IT, so here’s a couple of links:
    On a business page: https://www.facebook.com/lifetimelender/
    Or a personal page:
    These are a couple you can see… the others are private group posts, so I know you won’t be able to see those!

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