Brian is coming home from Washington State today and I’m (Frank) out of town taking care of some family business, so, since we have a another new feature in Listing Booster and there is a big price change coming up on the 13th of this month, I thought I’d let you know what it is so you can get in before the price change if it interests you.

Our new “Instant Instagram Listing photo’s” makes it extremely easy and fast to post your listings with text codes for lead capture to your Instagram account. Here’s how it works.

Log into your Listing Booster account and go to your “Manage Listings” page.

Click on “Marketing Tools” on your desired listing.

Click on “Instagram Photo’s”

Click on “Send to Mobile”.

Put in your smartphone number and click “Send”.

From your text messages on your smartphone, click the “Instant Instagram Listing Photo” you’d like to share.

When you see the photo, click the share icon.

Obviously… select Instagram

Maybe type a quick caption with the listings text code ~ “TEXT: LBR15640 TO: 878787 for more information.

Then share it! Very easy and the whole process takes about 40 seconds from start to finish. BAM! You’re marketing your listings on Instagram.

As a reminder. If you are already a paying Listing Booster Loan Officer or Real Estate agent, you’re current Listing Booster pricing will NOT change.

For new Listing Booster members starting on or after July 13, 2020 there will be a significant price increase, so, if you’ve ever considered getting Listing Booster as a Loan Officer or an individual Real Estate Agent, be sure to get in beforehand.

Click the Listing Booster logo below to become a member at current pricing today.