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An expandable mobile structure?  Not sure what wide-adoption looks like in the future, but there is some great utility for certain situations.  Especially for people who enjoy erecting IKEA furniture!

More information from the website:  https://www.tenfoldengineering.com

The cost will be between $350-400 a square foot.

How will servicing the units work?

Each unit will come with a 10 year warranty. This will cover the structure, enclosure, and mechanicals. The customer will be responsible for the interior. The appliances will be covered by their respective manufacturers. Customers will provide cleaning and all other general maintenance. The units utilize hydraulics that are universal in most of the world making them easy to repair and maintain.

How much more work would be required by us before and after shipment?

You would need to install water, septic, and electric prior to the delivery of the units. If the units are going to be semi permanent in one place you would need to pour a cement pad for the unit to rest on. Once the unit is delivered you would hook up the utilities then unfold the unit and set up the interior. Following those steps you would be good to go.

What do I do about permitting?

Permitting for the unit will be based on your local regulations. We recommend speaking with your local planning commission or zoning commissioner to see what steps you will need to take prior to installation.