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Increased Utility Cost Impacting Real Estate



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"Increased Utility Cost Impacting Real Estate"

  1. Wendy Thompson says:

    This applies to renters too. This is going to impact everyone negatively… Blantant and screwing over those who may be faced with having to work a second job just to keep the lights on. Or go without something in order to pay for lights to be on. Either way, people who opted to not live in fires zones should not have to pay for this.

  2. Sherwin Thein says:

    Solution…. Go Solar….simple as that. Ever heard of ” if you can’t beat them, join them “. Solar as your alternative utility source.

  3. Barry A Blake says:

    Great Show, In my next life I want to come back as an insurance company CEO or a big shot lawyer suing government backed publicly held companies.

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