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For real estate offices out there that have in-house lenders, it may come at a cost rather than a profit.



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"In House Lenders May Come at a Cost Rather than Profit"

  1. John Pursley says:

    I agree with Laforte, and to add to that Lenders expect reciprocation when it comes to referrals…Unless you’re running a flawed lead generation system focused on Buyer leads you’ll never reciprocate enough referrals to keep a lender sending you good quality leads. Stick with inventory focused lead generation, control the listings and you’ll end up with all the buyers you want/ can stand. Interesting stats on retail store closings too seems a bit scary…

  2. Sam Brock says:

    Lenders expect reciprocation? Yes, we do! How many more agents than LO’s are there out there? There’s no way for an agent to make a living relying on lender leads, but 75% of buyers start with contact with an agent, and 60% use the lender their agent recommends. Lenders will refer their unattached borrowers to the agents they work with that do business the right way.

  3. K-A McKenzie says:

    This is one of my favorite posts you’ve done. The dancing pants kid and OJ reference – funny stuff! And, of course you make valid points. Those that feel defensive when watching this need to understand the point: times; they are a changin’
    Thanks guys!

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