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additional comments on
"Why iBuyers Start in Phoenix"

  1. So unfair to sellers!!!
    Small realestate buyer and owner

  2. Rich Golze says:

    240-215 I think is $25000 not $35000 but still a good presentation

  3. Dave Gallman says:

    Zillow Offers pulled out of Las Vegas because they hemorrhaged money on bad deals. Here in Dallas, about eight month’s ago, OpenDoor sent an email around saying they would not bid on any home worth more than $300,000. The market had been crazy hot here, then mid-2018 cooled. Homes over about $350K started sitting longer and longer. DOM went from three weeks to over 60 days. I think they got caught holding a lot of property, and the algorithm didn’t correct quickly. Life comes at you fast, as the saying goes. AND where are the “you ripped me off” class action lawsuits?

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