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iBuyer Presentation for MLOs and Agents



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"iBuyer Presentation for MLOs and Agents"

  1. Josh says:

    Awesome! Can we agents use this too? Great job gentlemen!

  2. Ian Cooper says:

    Best line: “They have a Fiduciary Duty–to their Share Holders!! –Not you!!.” Thank you guys for Being so Awesome!

  3. Paty Emrick says:

    Super useful!!!Good job!

  4. Jim Jackson says:

    Awesome presentation. 3 additional comments and someone else may have already pointed it out. First, Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors and adhere to a Code of Ethics which I am sure the iBuyers do not have. As independent Buyers they have no Code. Secondly, in most states there is a Consumer Protection Agency, here in Texas it is called the Texas Real Estate Commission. Those agencies work for the consumer not the Realtor and regulate and discipline agents that get out of line. I also doubt that there is anyone looking over the shoulders of the iBuyers. Thirdly, along with the other impacts to the community is the lowball sales of properties which can impact appraisal values although it is not unusual for the iBuyers to insist that the property not be listed in MLS so that they do not have to report the low sale price where it is easily noticed by appraisers. But in disclosure states an appraisal could be impacted by the lowball sales.

  5. That was really good! I am with some others here, how do we as real estate agents get the presentation?

  6. John Falto says:

    I have been a Realtor since the 80’s and although I was always proud of my designation of “Realtor” I have not always approved of the way NAR did, or did not do things. When the iBuyer business model first surfaced I forewarned my brokerage and my local MLS, that this would cause a problem to our industry, more so than discount brokerages. The iBuyer model, like builders do not need to be licensed because they are buying and then selling their own properties. As such, no government oversight. After reading the comments for today’s broadcast and those of June 7th, I am seriously considering NOT renewing my NAR membership when it comes due.

  7. Rich Golze says:

    Cute hook to sell listing booser.

    Do check your math -$240,000-$215,000?

    There are some valid points here and the general consumer is not equipped to review this option on their own.

    Thanks for sharing – this helps in the presentation process.


  8. Tess says:

    I would love to get a copy of this actual presentation. Could you please share?

  9. Dan Hazy says:

    I am an agent in Tampa FL…. any lenders in the area using Listing Booster? I want to add this to my toolbox!

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