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additional comments on
"iBuyer Crushed Home Seller"

  1. Rene says:

    We need to push this kind of information to social media
    There is a lot of us who can make it go viral ! Can you create some memes for us ?

  2. I do a weekly Facebook live and have been talking about this a lot. Currently listed a home for $249,000, under contract in a week, the sellers talked to one of these iBuyer companies, I have all the paperwork to backup my numbers. Assuming the transaction closes as I expect it will, my sellers will walk with an additional $18,000 more than the iBuyer offered them. Yes, it was a bit inconvenient, showings etc, however, isn’t a little inconvenience worth $18,000?

    1. Michele says:

      Maybe, maybe not. You’re not giving consumers enough credit. They are smarter than you think. Maybe the hassle of having showings, making repairs and negotiating price is distasteful to a client. And then there’s the waiting and possibility the deal won’t close. Do you blame them for choosing an easier option? The system is broken. It’s complicated and stressful. Stop whining and fix it.

  3. Ian Cooper says:

    I am thankful that you guys are creating content that is getting people talking and thinking. No need to get negative or positive about the situation. A reality check is what is needed on all fronts. There will be changes to the industry, it is up to us to become aware and conscious of how to maintain ethical business with Buyer’s,Seller’s and Lenders’. What is most needed is transparency. Only then can people begin to make choices more clearly. Us as Agents should be on the front of this, explaining to people their options and the realities of the situation, not arguing with each other. Thank you for reading this and taking the time to think about it. ūüôā

  4. Chad Strand says:

    Frank & Brian are 100% correct! End of story!

  5. Don Morgan says:

    Good article .. have your tech guys check out the microphones you’re using .. it comes across on this end sounding like a 2.5″ speaker in a 1960’s transistor radio.

  6. Susie Loftis says:

    Thanks for the info Frank & Bryan. Love your videos & the info you give us. I am probably just overlooking, but do not see where to sign partition. Oh, as to the peakers – you come thru clear on my end

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