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In this edition of War Story Wednesdays, San Francisco real estate and insurance bad faith trial attorney Christopher Hanson, tells the story of  an IBM executive who didn’t quite disclose everything he knew about the home he was selling. (Adapted from Shapiro v. Sutherland, 64 Cal.App.4th 1534)

By Christopher Hanson. I’m an experienced trial lawyer, not just a litigator. I’m not afraid of (and actually enjoy) being in a courtroom.  I’ve been called ingenious, tenacious, and strategic.  I’ll take those accolades.





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"IBM-er Think Twice!"

  1. Brett Pavel says:

    A California style story. Nothing about neighbors on Colorado Sellers' Property Disclosure. Pefect fodder for the litigious Golden State.

  2. Common Sense says:

    What a stupid lawsuit! This is why every Buyer’s Agent should also tell their buyer to check with the surrounding neighbors for their opinions. Sounds more about an issue with the police and how they enforce their laws.

    Every buyer should have a knowledgeable and experienced Home Inspector and also ask for a CLUE report from their insurance company prior to purchasing a home. Both of these issues of structural damage and a bad roof would be discovered thru this process. Someone didn’t due their due diligence and is now trying to “pass the buck”!

  3. Bob Bendat says:

    So, am I to undestand that you believe if a seller has knowledge of a serious problem neighbor that the seller has reported to the police on numerous occations, that he should keep it to himself, and not let the buyer know this materail fact? I don't know how things are handled in Colorado but in California, as well as many other states, this is a material fact that must be disclosed by the seller.

  4. Outstanding narration!!

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