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HVCC Author Andrew Cuomo Wacky on Housing



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"HVCC Author Andrew Cuomo Wacky on Housing"

  1. Michael Ballard says:

    I don’t think you have experience in a rent control market and are being naive. Kushner Company is obviously doing ever thing they can to push out rent-controlled tenants so that they can built luxury condos. There are literally rats running around in cribs, lead and crystalline silica in the air, flooding, broken windows, holes in walls, loss of hot water, mold, loud construction, workers entering occupied apartments unannounced, etc. The construction itself is…guess what…conversion into condos. You would have to be ignorant to think this wasn’t deliberate.
    They’ve already done this in other buildings in Brooklyn, the East Village, and Maryland. In a city that is loud and dirty, this stands out as especially heinous. “We’ve looked into hundreds of rent-stabilized buildings and this is one of the worst we’ve ever seen.” —Aaron Carr, Housing Rights Initiative
    You show images and videos of inner city slums, but this waterfront in Williamsburg. You’re being deceptive here.

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