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HUD to Block Illegals from Government Assisted Housing



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"HUD to Block Illegals from Government Assisted Housing"

  1. Amy L. Troup says:

    it makes sense. help United States Citizens

  2. Brenda Corbo says:

    Very good decision by HUD

  3. Jeff C says:

    You are spot on. We do not have an unlimited amount of money. We need to take care of our own first. As long as we continue to support illegal aliens we will never stop the massive flow of them coming to America .

  4. Sari Cobb says:

    I am in total agreement. We HAVE to take care of our Vets and our homeless FIRST. I am sorry, send the ILLEGALS home – we have our budgetary hands full just taking care of what we have right now.

  5. Joni R Smith says:

    I agree 100%. Our past leader put this in place. Wrong..Our seniors should be top priority in naking sure they have good living facilities or a smaller home. They are the ones that need assistance from our government.

  6. Ronny Marshall says:

    I agree with both of you! Our country has been “out of whack” for way too long. It’s time to sort through it and establish laws that will serve us for today’s conditions. Shoveling money to another country from which these people are fleeing only goes to the well-to-do in that country and not the lower class is obviously NOT working. We need to come together and make realistic laws to combat these issues that face us now! I, for one, am more than tired of promoting our current nanny state

  7. Dawn Horras says:

    Hallelujah for Cher and you two!! Love your videos! It’s absolutely insane the way our government spends our tax dollars. Our veterans should be FIRST IN LINE ! And it doesn’t stop there!! Higher education for free and my own children had to get loans. Just like me AND my husband and we had to work to pay our loans off too. I completely believe in social programs to help OUR country’s needy. I think I will save the rest of my thoughts as to not go on a rant. I AGREE WITH HUD.

  8. Cindy Sewell says:

    I am really amazed that illegal, undocumented aliens are allowed housing over American citizens. This is why so many illegals are flocking to America – free everything. Apparently, some have missed the saying, “Charity begins at home”. We need to take care of American citizens and Veterans FIRST.

  9. Ken Lindberg says:

    As a second-generation American, I am forever grateful for the people who helped my grandparents learn English, the Constitution and pass their citizenship tests. I have shown my appreciation for those acts of kindness by taking extra time with people (customers or not) for whom English is a second language. But for customers, when the issue of citizenship/legal status to be in the U.S.A. comes up, I refuse to help someone continue to break the law. However, I am not law enforcement so I don’t dial the number of my local I.C.E. office to turn people in; I kindly but firmly tell these people they should not be attempting to obtain benefits of any kind from the city, state or federal government when their very presence is a violation of the law. Thus, it should come as no surprise I applaud and support the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s move to deny housing benefits to illegal aliens.

  10. Sam Hillsdale says:

    Housing anyone that is not on a HUD application will void the applicants tenancy much less an Illegal that is not eligible to begin with.
    This is more of a clarification of the rule than a new one.
    Don’t forget about our Seniors that are really getting screwed with lack of housing benefits because of a shortage of vouchers.

  11. Joannie Houk says:

    Our homeless population is a group of people who need mental health assistance which we have ignored. The government should give a tax break for hiring and get them on the right track.
    Undocumented people should not get free housing or assistance unless they have completed 100% of the paperwork to become us citizens.

    1. Sam Hillsdale says:

      Simply completing paperwork doesn’t qualify you for a box of rocks.

  12. Mary Ann York says:

    Modern Monetary Theory. There is no scarcity of money. It’s all in what we choose to do with it.

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