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The Trump administration wants to cut $6.2B from HUD, but the real issue is there accounting is so bad that they can’t account for over $500 billion dollars.  Should maybe we focus on that first?



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"HUD Can Not Account for $520 Billion"

  1. Rob Moran says:

    I do not agree with the logic that homeless people spend time and money seeking out medical assistance and that housing them is a form of healthcare. I suppose the same groups think the homeless also cause climate change.

  2. Rob Moran says:

    I disagree that housing homeless is a form of healthcare. Should we offer assistance of some type, yes, but please do not classify it as healthcare. The same groups probably think housing homeless will help with climate change.

  3. Joy Downey says:

    I think this is a perfect storm for CFPB. Let’s ask them to check out HUD.

  4. Mark Quackenbush says:

    In last 25 years, HUD has not been able audit the books. This is not a new problem.

  5. Matt Brady says:

    Who decided that the $6.2 B had to com from the grants? Does the budget cut for HUD them to direct them to eliminate the funds for these vital programs? Did the people who don’t want the cuts start using them as a political ploy to get our support? If they cut $$ from HUD are the CDBGs the only place to cut back?

  6. Paul Ohlson says:

    If they’ve been operating with 500b missing it seems to me their budget should be cut by 500b, not a measly 6b.

  7. JoAnn Baracosa says:

    Good Grief $560 Billion dollars missing. I would fire them all for that. Oh that would happen because they are government workers. In every loan package I present to a borrower I have to say it is a crime to lie to your Loan Officer. What the crap is this $560 million dollars missing. If your taxes get audited would the IRS just give you a pass on $100.00? Good Grief $560 million dollars is missing. Did you not say it could almost run this whole country for a year. I would say ” Find it and put it back and then Your Fired”

  8. gh says:

    Looking for the billions of DOllars? STart with the traitor that gave the money out to Iran or iraq! Bet you it is in switzerland. HMMM

  9. Bernie says:

    first of all you need to fire every one working at HUD. Somebody has that money. Then I would start looking at which Congressional personnel has their hands in HUD’s cookie jar. Start with Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Dodd, Dianne Feinsten and the rest of the Democrats who supported President Clinton giving every American a home whether they qualified or not. They only needed a pulse and did not even have to be American but Illegals from all over the world got homes they could not afford. Then I would look at Hilary and Bill to find out if they took the money. Then look at Obama and all his payoff of every country he thought we need to apologize too for being AMERICAN

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