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Today we talk about How Increased Cost of Non Performing Loans Hurts You in your business.  Thanks for tuning in and checking it out!



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"How Increased Cost of Non Performing Loans Hurts You"

  1. How about the fact that regulation has created better qualified loans therefore the number of loans going bad would be maybe 4 or 5 times fewer in number.

  2. Jack Minnig says:

    I'd like to know if there was an increase in profit for the loans. You talked about performing and non-performing cost but there was no comparison to profit then and now, i would think that with the loss of overages that used to be split with the LO that the loans may have some additional income in them now. I understand that not all lenders are servicing as well but it's still a question that would be nice to know. I'm sure that not all of that fee income over 100 is going back to the borrower for closing cost, at least in my case there's always a few nickles and dimes left over going back to the house.

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