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Today we interview a Houston mortgage company about how the flooding disaster will impact the mortgage industry.



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"How Houston Disaster Impacts Mortgage Industry"

  1. Steve Butera says:

    Mike, not a format for your commentary. The second a creek bed overflows in New Hampshire all of you up there scream…Have some empathy for the folks who are going to be devoured by mosquitos.

  2. John Panzavecchia says:

    I live in the New Orleans Metro area and I can tell you from Katrina that this will be a long road to recovery. I am proud that many from Louisiana are in Texas now helping to rescue people from the threat of drowning. The sad fact is that they will not be able to save them from the drowning in paperwork and hassle of dealing with insurance companies, government agencies. etc. The people of Houston and surrounding areas are in for a long road and this is where the real professionals will shine. I am an appraiser, not a mortgage broker but I know that the industry will be challenging for the next several years. But I am sure that the people that are helped will not forget it and will be customers for life. God bless you all and stay safe.

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