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How Far Can This Go?




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"How Far Can This Go?"

  1. Pat Turner says:

    Forebearance equals future Foreclosure

  2. Benton Holland says:

    Can Calabria now! You guys are spot on and we have to keep the pressure up to save the market.
    Can Calabria!!!

  3. Corey Seitz says:

    So who was the major player that ceased fundings?

  4. The NAMB, MBA, AIME, MMBA and every other organization should be forming a phone bank to call their members individually to pressure the members to be contacting their Washington Senators and Representatives. It is time for joint efforts, no more pointing fingers, no more I”m better than you. Time for the leadership to be calling each other and coordinate this effort. In FACT, it is past time.

  5. Bob says:

    I just signed back up with REMN. My first file was Underwritten in 24 hours. They did not jump on the band wagon with everyone else. Basically, getting out of the Gov’t business and cash out transactions. We are happy to have them on board again.

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