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Housing Proposals by Dem Candidates




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"Housing Proposals by Dem Candidates"

  1. Alicia Ortiz says:

    Butteigeig can’t even get affordable housing in South Bend. His idea of affordable housing in South Bend was tear down 1000 houses in 1000 days to help gentrify the poor areas. Please remember his Father was a Marxist professor at Notre Dame. I know from investing in South Bend, what he is portraying to the masses is nothing close to what he claims to have done in South Bend.

  2. Frederick Johansen says:

    Here we go again. There is NO discrimination in the lending business nowadays. Yes, many years ago but non existence today. Congress (mostly Democrat’s have pushed this issue for years and it is getting very old. In fact the Government ( again a democrat agenda) forced both FNMA and FHLMC to purchase loans that were from the undeserved/not always qualified segment of the community. In fact 35% of their purchased loans had to fit in to this category. Do you really want to know who caused the housing crisis…….YES, the fair-minded SNOWFLAKES in Congress. Who have pushed this BS for years. CRA anyone?

  3. They are having trouble Keeping up with the phone calls be separate. How is that going to help anyone.

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