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Housing Industry Needs Construction Workers



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"Housing Industry Needs Construction Workers"

  1. Bernie says:

    Good Morning – I am going to correct you. The true unemployment rate is 37.3%. Look at the participation rate on the US Labor Board. Those are the real unemployment numbers. I voted for Trump and unfortunately these numbers have not changed since he has been in office. I held Obama’s feet to the fire and I am going to hold Trump’s to that same fire. When the Labor Participation rate gets back up into the 70% or even 80% then a President can claim success. Until then we have over 100 million people out of work who have stopped looking. They are stuck on welfare because they cannot find a job either for lack of jobs or lack of experience or education to pull themselves out of welfare. This goes back to the illegal immigration issue and HB1 Visas. If we are giving and I do mean giving illegal immigrants and HB1 Visa Holders full college scholarships how do we ever expect to get people off of welfare. AMERICANS MUST COME FIRST. Our children, our Veterans need that education free of charge and Illegals along with the HB1 Visa holders should be charged $250,000 a year so our kids can go free. Thank God my kids are smart but I am still holding a tab of $200,000 in student loans I cosigned for to put them through UC Davis, University of San Diego, and Syracuse University. It just killed me when I saw this graduate holding up a Mexico flag after she got all 4 years free. She stole a college degree from an American student. Instead of saying thank you USA. She said something entirely different with that Mexican flag.

    1. Freddie says:

      Well said Bernie. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Tom Winand says:

    The reason why homes are unaffordable is it’s too damn expensive to build them, finance them and sell them and it, not just labor. It’s every part of the equation including regulation and building codes. Since this will not change we need more income and that not happening. We are in for a very long tug of war on affordability and housing for the next decades. In Salt Lake, County in Utah home prices have increased 10% or more the last 4 years income has not. The least expensive homes being built in the most outlying areas cost $350,000, townhomes $280,000. Those are not affordable for people with a $45,000 income. There is a lot of people left out of the party of home ownership. With existing home sales being a scarcity because people can’t sell and buy at a similar payment they can afford. They stay put and make due. The problem isn’t housing it’s the cost and affordability of housing. We’ll see some of the people from the higher cost areas, sell their homes bring their cash, to lower cost areas and buy. Overall were locked into staying in place because of cost or renting for the new people to the party. That’s why hedge funds own a lot of single homes as rentals. It’s going to be a bigger business moving forward. This is the water we’re going to swim in for a very long time in America. We’re going to see multiple families living in single-family homes, it will be interesting how that all goes with local zoning laws. We need to figure it out this is what we have. The affordable housing moving forward will be apartment style condos.

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