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Things are really looking up for the housing industry as we start Q2 2016.  Today’s show is full of really great news!  Remember to share!



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"Housing Industry Looking Great Going into Q2 2016"

  1. Dorothy Beckley says:

    Haha, Happy April Fools Day Guys!

  2. This sounds like great news but this has gotta be an April Fools joke. And it's a shame – I was loving this. You had me until the trump part and your smirks at the end. Damn it.

  3. Nice trick, guys. I forgot to look at the calendar. BTW: CitiGroup's new loan is a joke. NINANA? More like HAHAHA. So, no appraisal, no income, no asset….no credit. Here we go again! Will we ever learn?

  4. Tom Tallent says:

    Thanks for the laugh – the typos were a nice touch,

  5. Tom Tallent says:

    Thanks for the laugh – the typos were a nice touch. Have a great weekend.

  6. I don't know what the previous people's comments were all about but there is no way Brian and Frank would lie to us. If they say it, it has to be true because they are true professionals and they know that our careers are very important to us and they would never make a joke of it. So that is good news that Trump is now the Fed Chairman and that they are loosen guidelines up and going to No Income loans. Thanks Frank and Brian for your trusted knowledge of the industry.

  7. I am starting to think every story on your show was a Joke we all know the government under this administration has no intention of letting go of their cash cows Freddy and Fannie

  8. Bonnie Stocker says:

    April Fool to you guys!

  9. So………there is 7 minutes I won't ever get back……….

  10. April Fools guys!!!!!!

  11. Haha! Awesome post guys. 🙂 You had me going until the NINANA loan…hilarious!

  12. Bernie says:

    Nice April fools joke guys…have a good weekend

  13. i think his cold has gotten to both of them 🙂

  14. Danny Titensor says:

    Loved it! I even knew it was April Fools Day and I almost bought the first few stories. Nice work. I want to see the outtakes.

  15. Jerry Loos says:

    Can't believe you guys did the whole program with a Straight face. Nice Job! Happy April Fools Day to you too

  16. Jerry Loos says:

    PS, you forgot to mention that Obama took Pot off of the Schedule One Drug List.

  17. Rick Kesseler says:

    OK, I have to admit you got me for a moment. I heard the Fannie Mae comment and immediately looked at my phone to see what the stock price was doing 😉 Good show!

  18. Chip Wood says:

    Way outta line comments on Trump. I was shocked and then I remembered where you guys are from…..nutty California…..Im deleting you. To bad….you used to be very informative a few years ago

  19. Chip Wood says:

    Oh…about my comments? APRIL FOOL

  20. Chip Wood says:

    What would coffee in the morning be with out Frank and Brian

  21. Chris Bowers says:

    I think the interesting part about the story is they cannot spell conservatorship.

  22. Sean D says:

    Hey guys,
    The article you are citing from the Washington post on the bill to get Fannie and Freddie out of Conservatorship is from November 2015. Is this news or has there been any other actual progress? You know, it’s crazy, I tell some very smart and financially saavy friends about the treasury sweeps “stealing” and they respond back that it can’t be true, my facts must be off, etc. And I respond, no it is the largest theft of private wealth the world has never known, and how do you not know about it?

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