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We can’t make this stuff up.  But yes, now the housing crisis is being turned into a sexist issue.  Is it?  You tell us.




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"Housing Crisis Turned into a Sexist Issue"

  1. Carrie Fischer was pretty hot.

  2. rex whaley says:

    tried to submit comments on the “know before you owe”, but couldn’t get it to submit.

  3. Brenda Bolton says:

    The “Know Before You Owe” hasn’t even been disclosed 3 days prior to closing as it is supposed to be. It is usually emailed the day before closing.

  4. Joe Johnson says:

    Geeze guys, slow day today?? How can anyone that breathes air defend ANYTHING having to do with Countrywide except the thieves that got away with it. I'm guessing that if you get "fined" or "settled", you probably made a sh*t ton more than you got popped for. Anyone that has documented facts to the contrary, a lot of us are all ears.

  5. Paul Robinson says:

    I am a great fan of both of you guys, and have enjoyed your webpage for the last three years, and have sent it to all my realtors and mortgage people. Keep up the good work guys. We in America have got to stop all this political correctness, June 7 in California where you guys are, go out and vote for Donald Trump for president. He will get rid of Dodd Frank for us and let us get to building in America again……I am a builder, and it is definitely time for a change……..:)

  6. Ann Wilkins says:

    Definite slow day…the Heritage Foundation???? Of course they are going to slam Dodd-Frank and I agree – get rid of it and replace is with Glass- Steagall but really… do not connect yourselves with the Heritage Foundation. Lending is definitely a resilient business – we are selling just as many if not more homes and the good lenders are now offering 17 days closes…even with all the TRID requirements.

  7. Lucille Braverman says:

    I am about to refinance. My daughter will be a co-signer. I have been advised that there are no more co-signers. She will be on title with me. I do not want her on title with me. She has loaned money to all her boyfriends without getting proof of the loan, including her father and sister. They have not paid her. I do not want her boyfriend to have the house or move in.

    I am attempting to get someone to read the refinance papers without it costing me a fortune. I am a senior.


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