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Not sure if you remember that the CFPB is using a crazy automated “race finder” widget to determine if lenders are lending fairly across different races.  Problem is, it’s really inaccurate.  Well they fined an auto loan lender $80MM with it and now it’s determined that if they paid restitution to the race victims that some of them aren’t actually race victims due to the faulty race widget that the CFPB used.  Can’t make this stuff up man.



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"House Tries to Block CFPB Fine"

  1. I think the Ram players should receive relocation benefits, although I think corporate relo packages are down across the board. If they are under contract to play, I think that should include relo bennies and even a pay increase based on the cost of living change.

  2. The folks in LA are not getting a crappy team, they are getting a crappy owner. It is clear that Stan Kroenke doesn't deal in good faith with a community rather he prefers to extort money from them. The St Louis fans supported the Rams through good and bad years yet Kroenke chose to bad mouth our town to justify his move west. Good luck LA, we wish you the best.

  3. Gosh, I thought this was a show about lending and real estate. The emphasis here should be on the misuse of power by the CFPB resulting from the miscreated Dodd-Frank. It is important to pay attention to the campaign "promises" of the Presidential candidates. Ms. Hillary praises Dodd-Frank and wants to strengthen it. Don't think she's a friend of the real estate industry.

  4. Marc says:

    It was 800k not 800M.

  5. Government socialism never works. CFPB is prime example of it. If Sanders wins the election I wonder what the world will look like?

  6. Steve Jordan says:

    If a politician willingly hands Stan MY tax dollars, it's not extortion. It's malfeasance on the part of the politician. "There's no end to the good, do-gooders will do, with other people's money."

  7. Steve Jordan says:

    The same house is at least 4 times as much…PLUS they get to pay 11% state income tax!!!!

  8. Jay Arbizu says:

    I normally don't reply and I'm not pro CFPB. If government socialism never works then why do we have the 'largest and strongest military' in the world? Our tax dollars pay for that service and that falls under the definition of socialism-so it seems to me that socialism works on that level. And you could think further and broader-public schools, police officers, fire fighters. In my opinion, pure ideals don't work-pure socialism doesn't work the same as pure capitalism doesn't work-if it did we wouldn't need regulations and laws to prevent capitalism from getting out of control-for example the Wall Street credit derivitives market that caused most of the recent problems, the monopolies, etc.

    I think we talk in black and white but live in the gray.

  9. Cory Bahr says:

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  10. Dora Griffin says:

    Well, Rosemary, you picked up on that little morsel about Hillary. That is the same reason I'm not gung ho for her. On the other hand every other candidate is a friend of wall street as well, except Bernie.

  11. Dora Griffin says:

    Stephen, much better. Better than where we are now where the 1% run everything. We will take our government back and it will be for the people not for the rich. And, Jay is right the military works and so does social security. SS should pay more of our money back to us, but it does work.

  12. Dora Griffin says:

    The cfpb is ridiculous and simply needs to be abolished.

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