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Well it looks as though the House and Senate Have Competing CFPB Bills right now.  So instead of being divided between Dems and Repubs, things seem to be divided between House and Senate.  Interesting…



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"House and Senate Have Competing CFPB Bills"

  1. Mike l says:

    Follow the money I guess Representatives are not funded by the big banks but Senators must be as the CFPB is putting the most strain on smaller folks.

  2. Bob Hagan says:

    It is a stall tactic, lets say both go thru their respective bodies and then they meet and meet and meet to attempt to come up with a mutally acceptable bill that will then get squashed.

  3. Robb Gordon says:

    I am among those who thinks the CFPB needs a major overhaul. There needs to be accountability and input from the various interests. Much of what they have done so far is intended to help consumers but has in fact been harmful.

    This is not a Richard Cordray problem per se but rather a structural problem. Yes, there could be a more practical, more effective head appointed but the very structure of the CFPB invites arbitrary misdirected rule making.

    However, I would be loath to quote an “organization” like “Protect America’s Consumers” (PAC?!). This is obviously another secretive dark money organization that is funded by interests antithetical to consumer benefit. This type of organization is a cancer on our political process.

  4. Jeff Smith says:

    How about a shave

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