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additional comments on
"Honesty in Real Estate Petition"

  1. Ralph Lizza says:

    Thanks Fellas!

    For your concern and leading the fight to protect the real estate industry from the greed of companies who have used Realtors and Mortgage brokers to not only profit from our efforts but the betrayal they have committed by undermining our industry.

    Ralph Lizza
    Luxury Real Estate Group
    Port St Lucie, Florida

  2. Gina Uzunyan says:

    I have signed the petition and shared on social my media, it’s important to engage Realtors, Brokerages and the public on the hidden fees and misinformation on the iBuyes programs.

  3. Kevin M says:

    Thank you for standing up for us! Our associations are doing nothing!

  4. Hi. I am on the membership committee for North Bay CAMP. We also cover Solano County. We are going to bring an event to your area in September! Let us know if there is something specific the mortgage agents and Realtors would like to hear about and we’ll set up the guest speaker. Thanks.

  5. Dan Nolan says:

    STOP feeding the dragons.

  6. Jim Moran says:

    Good stuff. My concern is that you’re preaching to the choir. Many Brokers dont know how or why this is even an issue ie: Zillow is too big to fight,etc.
    Great effort though

  7. I say, never give up, never surrender.
    Thank you for your efforts!
    I’m sharing your post.

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