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There’s a few fun things in today’s show.  First of all there’s the Zillow compromise with Move.  Zillow also says they’ve improved there Zestimates, so that should be interesting to try.  And then, finally, Hillary in response to a new bill that want’s to dismantle Dodd/Frank, has vowed to go quite the opposite direction if she’s elected.



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"Hillary Vows to Strengthen Dodd-Frank"

  1. Stephanie says:

    Frank Garay for President! Maybe next time. Brian can be your VP.

  2. zillow calculator. lol

  3. With rhetoric like Hillary's and Elizabeth's, how can anyone who is not involved in real estate financing on a regular basis make a reasonable analysis of the effects of Dodd-Frank? For example, when the young man who was, I think, Hispanic, complained to Hillary how onerous was the process in getting his loan, she blamed racism and not unreasonable regulations. And it's not just Hillary and Elizabeth, it's all government shills who use misleading comments to justify what is clearly a gigantic problem. Humans are not all bad or all good, no matter how much our opponents may try to paint us vs. them. But in this sound bite world, this point is lost on most people. Add to that indoctrination vs true education, and the public is completely mired in misinformation. I just hope the bill to repeal Dodd-Frank gets enough support that it reaches the new President's desk in time to save the next round of home loan applicants unnecessary grief. And one can only hope that that new President is NOT Hillary.

  4. Good summary. Hopefully it's Gary Johnson.

  5. What about the accountabliity for the sponsor of the bill that owns an AMC? Yes Barney Frank!

  6. Ditto Rosemary. If you haven't the credit score to get a mortgage, you shouldn't have the mortgage. If you want a home, you need to work for it. Sick of seeing people getting things they end up loosing, since they can neither keep them up, physically nor financially.

  7. I don't like it, but I'm scared to death as to what Trump would do to our economy.

  8. Ed Laine says:

    You might enjoy reading a series of facebook posts, chronicling Rascoff’s own listing and flawed pricing stratefy…

  9. So you would even consider this souless piece of evil, responsible for lives lost, lies with a smile on her face, and is certain to destroy our economy? With Donald Trump, we take a chance. With Hitlery Clinton, we know we lose. Pretty much a NO-BRAINER.

  10. Barney Frank should have been tarred and feathered a decade ago. 🙁

  11. Leslie De Palo says:

    In checking the Zillow listing I looked at a week ago, it is the same; There is virtually (pun intended) no change. Perhaps the Zillow “Calculator” is still broken?!?!

  12. Dora Griffin says:

    Notice how old Barney got his butt out of dodge after that big mess that bankrupted appraisal businesses across the country and still causes problems. The worst appraisers known to man are signed up with amc's. Consumer costs almost doubled for an appraisal of the poorest quality.

  13. Very good point Rosemary, Hillary for Prison 2016

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