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A recent article by Brad Inman shows how the real estate industry seems to be behind Hillary Clinton more so than any other candidate.  Seeing how a Democratic administration would further support the policy changes, guidelines and enforcement that is crippling the lending industry, you’d think this wouldn’t be the case.  So why is this happening?  We’re not really sure, perhaps you can help shed some light on the subject in the comments below.



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"Hillary Getting Real Estate Industry Support"

  1. Dot Beckley says:

    I think that you are reading way to much into what the administration will be like with Hillary as president. She is much more centrist and pragmatic than any other candidate that is running. You have no idea how she will oversee the CFPB. As you said, many of her supporters are lenders…. Do I like RPAC, no. Do I like any PAC, no. But as a liberal Democrat in a widely Republican business, I am used to having my state and federal PACs supporting people and causes (like environmental issues) that I disagree with. And as much as you think you are not looking at this from a political viewpoint, you are:) She's a Deomcrat therefore this is how she will govern. I think this is your 3rd or 4th post with a negative slant toward Hillary, hmm.

  2. Debi Rogers says:

    After her statement at her Las Vegas town hall, shown on your clip last week, to say to the Hispanic man that "the reason you had to jump through hoops to get a mortgage is because you are Hispanic" and "she will change that is a lie"-everyone jumps through hoops these days. I am tired of her lies…….

  3. Paul Howard says:

    First, the policies you refer to are not cripling the lending industry.
    Second, The republican side has put forth a bunch of wack jobs.
    Third, she is a moderate in a climate that the media has created for extremist 'Rebublicans' to imporve ratings.

    And as Dot said, your viewpoint is transparently political.

  4. Steve Garberick says:

    Well I am another Realtor that definitely does not see Hillary as a proponent for helping the real estate industry. As a usual Democrat she is one of the more pragmatic candidates out there. Then when you take in account of all the lies she says, how can a real supporter of hers even think they want to vote for her? I get it that politicians change their views and standpoint on certain issues over say a decade or two or more. To change their viewpoint every interview she gives just because of the type of people that are there is just simply crazy!

  5. Susan Horner says:

    Not taking this from a political perspective??? Give me a break.

  6. Susan Horner says:

    Not taking this from a political perspective??? Give me a break.

  7. She is a LIAR. I will never give a dime to RPAC as long as they support her.

  8. Santo says:

    Hillary Clinton is by far the most untrustworthy person in Politics. She is no better than Obama which has been a disaster for our nation. She is willing to give away anything at others expense. She is a phony individual who’s goal is strictly for her personal gain, giving no thought to what is best for this country. I am disgusted that NAR would even entertain supporting this Socialist/Communist. Our business thrives on Free Market opportunities, not a government that puts a stranglehold on Capitalism.

  9. I'm a Realtor and she cerrtainly doesn't get my support. Where did you hear that? Realtors have good minds of their own. They are not a union to do what their leaders demand, but a large company of sound thinking individuals.

  10. Ann Sartain says:

    why I resent donations to any pac, they give dollars to candidates who I am against, just because the person says they want to keep taxes low, or keep the agents from paying extra tax. What benefits the Real Estate industry, does not necessarily benefit the country.

  11. Jeff Vines says:

    It’s hard to believe that anyone could support Hillary who has to work for a living! Maybe some of the these supporters are doing the same things as she is when it comes to ethics in business??? If you trust a proven liar maybe you need to examine your business model. This thinking from NAR is why I don’t currently support them.

  12. Nancy Fulton says:

    Because under George Bush and the Republicans the lending and housing market was destroyed. Some people remember and do not want to go back to that.

  13. Not a Hillary supporter and that's why I don't donate to to the Realtor PAC. My political donations are given to those I support not who Inman does.

  14. The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into federal law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010. That's where you should be pointing your finger.

  15. I am a Realtor and do NOT support Hillary or Bernie and do not appreciate NAR spending my dues to support them!

  16. Louann SmithHook says:

    NO WAY! She will not give a rat’s A__ about Realtors or this business. She knows nothing about business, period. It will be a double helping of Obamaism and that’s not what makes this country work! Why don’t you get it yet??????

  17. Debi Rogers says:

    It was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd that wanted everyone in a home and told everyone not to worry about FNMA and Freddie Mac, THEY blocked any kind of reform until everything went under. Franklin Raines was head of FNMA and was right there with them. Nothing happened to any of them. Raines went on to buy a condo in Georgetown, Frank and Dodd acted like they had nothing to do with it and came up with Dodd Frank to cover up their misdeeds

  18. Tammy Garner says:

    I am a 57 year old, female real estate broker and I will never vote for Hillary.

  19. Melissa Arno says:

    Are business is better than ever. Our lender has no problem closing in 21 days. I think the new laws are not as bad as everyone thought it would be. We can't let the crash happen again.

  20. Melissa Arno says:

    Christine Henderson It's not the boogey man everybody makes it out to be. If a lender knows what they are doing they will have no problem. People seem to forget how bad it actually was. Our whole economy was hanging by a thread. Banks can't have free reign again.

  21. Melissa Arno says:

    Republicans want to get rid of Fannie/Freddie, want to get rid of the mortgage deduction. That's why.

  22. Leo Chomen says:

    I am not in favor of any of our money going into political items. No one asked me who I supported and even if it was someone I supportedI would not want to force my views on someone else. Other than my dues, I do not put any extra money into any of the request for funding the political action committees.

  23. NAR has proven that it is out for its own interests and not what's best for consumers. And Hillary might be the only candidate that can win hasn't talked about abolishing the IRS which is likely to mean no mortgage interest tax deductions. She will likely facilitate special interest exemptions from CFPB rules

  24. Don Parsons says:

    I hope they don't become like the AARP, who consistently support policies that hurt the very individuals the propose to protect. Dodd-Frank came from this mentality.

  25. I would estimate that the majority of Lenders sit more on the right side of the fence because we are more intimately involved with the regulation that has hindered over a million people from getting into homes. We are also more in tuned to finances as whole, watch the Bond Market news, follow the deficit, etc, etc, which in turn makes us more like a fiscal conservative with capitalist values. Realtors, I would say are about probably 50/50 as far as where they align themselves. It has left me puzzled. For if Realtors knew as much as what we knew about the regulations and how it cripples and hinders homeownership, and how certain agencies contradict their own rules, and how and why certain banks create over lays which leaves Buyers sidelined, I think Realtors would also congregate in the direction that would procure their career more. Even just 1 hard core Fact: If Hillary gets elected the CFPB remains intact, and for that very reason alone the conversation should be over, but when I speak with Realtors, the overwhelming majority still don't know who the CFPB is, or after I explain it, they say, "Oh, those guys, that's right". Look, I wish more Realtors were better in tuned with the politics on the Lending side rather than reading about it from afar or an interoffice memo, because if the hard core real truths about what Lenders endure, and please follow me here, not just what your average Loan Officer endures, but sit down with owners of a Mortgage Company who have been through audits and listen to their stories and I promise you, you would have a complete different understanding on the shenanigans that are happening with regulation.

  26. I don't want to make this a political discussion, but to characterize Republican candidates as "wack jobs" is beyond the pale. Let's keep this on a strictly real estate level. Incidentally, I am a Republican and proud of it, Paul Howard.

  27. I hate politics and groups like the NAR should NOT be spending our dues on ANY candidate..

  28. Bert Jimenez says:

    NAR should not support a specific candidate. They should lobby elected officials after they're in office. The bank thing: Goldman Sachs etc back Clinton NOT BECAUSE of the obstacles CFPB creates to residential lending, but BECAUSE OF other favorable benefits (such as deregulation).

  29. I don't know what you people are talking about. These new laws that have been put in place have helped folks getting a mortgage. They are now protected from brokers who have been ripping off clients for the last twenty years. Getting paid from the banks and the buyers. I personally closed on a home last week. It was done in 30 days with no complications, the paper was straightforward, easy to understand and I definitely did not pay the huge fees like I did ten years ago. I guess the mortgage brokers can't rip off our clients like the good old days! So what's the problem folks?

  30. Kevin Vargas says:

    NAR doesn't get a penny from me for political purposes since I've been in this business and this is the exact reason why!!!

  31. Rosemary Loven, thank you Rosemary for being in tune with your surroundings. Love it!

  32. Texas Time says:

    No surprise NAR had Hillery as guest speaker at NAR convention in 2013 – you know year after Benghazi? Then they had the anti 2bs Amndmnt phoneys the Giffords at nxt NAR conventiin. Yea we paid for those NWO / UN tools to push a one world govt agenda

  33. Paul Howard says:

    Rosemary Loven I was just trying to be factual. I think I was.

  34. Paul Howard calling candidates "wack jobs" is NOT factual. Especially in comparison with a liar, cover-up artist, harasser of women raped by her husband, defender of rapists with no regard for our country's security and an avowed Socialist.

  35. Faith Allmond says:

    Thank you….. not sure you provided any value with this broadcast other than to stir the crazy political talk. But I understand I’m a realtor and I work along side other realtor whom appear to be a large group of people for one party. Not sure if your message was to feed the wolfs for more attacks.

  36. Bernie says:

    If Hilary Clinton’s lips are moving she is lie lie lying (to quote Megan Trainor) No more Democrats in that oval office. Her husband, Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd, Nancy Pelosi should all be in jail for the world wide economic meltdown they caused. She was the worst the worst Secretary of State in the history of this country. She gives ALL women including Holy Mary Mother of God a bad name. She hates America by promising she is going to do more for illegal immigrants than President Obama. She has the wool pulled over the African American community. What does the African American community think is going to happen when Hilary is in office and she is giving ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AMERICAN JOBS???? Seriously??? What are they thinking?? Obama already wants to pay businesses $4,000 for every illegal they hire OVER AMERICAN WORKERS OF ALL COLOR, CULTURE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES. Hilary is promising to do more for the illegals than Obama???? What we are going to have more ILLEGALS just walking away from their mortgages when they can’t pay because they are being deported, thereby throwing our housing market into another tailspin??!!!! OMG tell American Democrats to stop drinking the cool aid already. I do my kids tax returns and they make poverty level income. The current federal govt is taking 85% of what my kids tax refund to fill their own pocket books. STOP THIS INSANITY!!!!!

    1. HIPO T K says:

      Bernie, I’m no fan of Obama but, he’s referred as the Deporter in Chief for a reason.

  37. Neal Winnie says:

    It's real estate not lending. The real estate industry is looking out for themselves. They could care less that the Broker, Banker or Loan Officer can’t get financing for medium to lower end clients. They have been given the oil while the lending industry has been given the shaft by a democratic administration. Why wouldn't they support a corrupt candidate like Hillary Clinton? She will continue supporting them all the while slicing and dicing with the Dodd – Frank bill that is crippling the country in housing. The GDP should be around 18 percent in housing yet it remains around 14 or so percent and not one politician has raised up and said let’s abolish this law. Odd?


    Rght on Bernie! You forgot to mention Benghazi; government sanctioned death panels; $ four trillion dollar unfunded (and still counting legacy cost) war; FEMA reeducation camps; etc, etc, etc. Sorry, I gotta go, I don’t want to miss Rush’s show.

  39. Susan Blau says:

    How could any business person support the left wing mentality? Always astounds me.

  40. Mary Zawaski says:

    Contributions to political action (on dues bills) are voluntary. I, personally, would rather make the choice of whom to support. Will no longer contribute thru Realtors PAC

  41. I DO NOT support her…and do NOT want my dues to support her either! Let our voices be heard!

  42. Dianne Rath says:

    Please protect the Realtors from Hillary! She will destroy all we have fought for . Homeowners would no longer have the protections we have gotten for them .

  43. I have been in real estate for 20 years . I DO NOT SUPPORT HILLARY OR BERNIE !! I think she should be in jail , and Bernie's statement about only blacks know how it feels to be poor is ridiculous !!

  44. Paul Howard says:

    Beverly Carawan I think you have made my point.

  45. Melissa Arno says:

    They don't spend dues. They spend voluntary RPAC contributions.

  46. Paul Howard So,"wack jobs" = anyone that disagrees with Paul Howard? Your incendiary language and insult tactics are the calling cards of the unreasoned left. Rosemary Loven and Beverly Carawan have used polite logic in their comments. Congrats to them.

  47. I think Hillary will be hard on the bad lenders who screw it up for a lot of people. I think honest lenders who play fair will be happy to see their competitilors who cheat restrained and they will be able to write good solid loans till the cows come home. No one wants another real estate collapse where 66% of the builders in Southern Indiana went out of business. Also Trump is basically a developer and his competitors don't like or trust him as President so they prefer Hillary because she is tough but honest and all for people getting ahead on an even playing field. And everybody wants to bet on a winner. That's Hillary.

  48. Dee Circle says:

    Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal – YouTube

    Go to you tube and copy and paste the above then make your own decision

  49. Mike Mondello says:

    It’s apparent NAR has too much money in their coffers. Rather than spending our dues on things like this, we would all like to see a dues reduction. Good Luck with that though.

  50. If the basis for NAR's existence is for the protection of the public at large with a watchful eye on professional transparency, how do they explain their unclear political involvement.

  51. And they wonder why they have a hard time getting Realtors to contrubuite to RPAC

  52. Ken R Fisher says:

    How could anyone support a proven manipulative and dishonest person. It is obvious that she will say whatever she needs to say to line up the sheep for her success and then move forward with what she plans to do without regard to anyone but herself. I would trust a rattle snake more. Not sure if the country can truly handle another 4 years of this progressive disaster.

  53. I am a Broker/Owner who would never support Hillary Clinton. She is a liar who would say anything to get elected. She would be another Obama, who promised to freeze spending! The liberals, like Clinton, criticize George Bush for allowing the national debt to increase from $5 trilion to $9 trillion. Then they give Obama a pass on increasing our debt from $9 trillion to over $18 trillion. Hillary Clinton would bring more big government and less freedom into our lives. Never forget Bengazi!

  54. Beverly Carawan — WHAT?!

  55. Billy Walker says:

    Paul Howard you were not

  56. Your dues are not supporting them and no RPAC dollars have been put behind any campain.

  57. I will answer who's side we are on. I am an Investor in RPAC and I am not a supporter at ALL of Mrs Clinton. With that said no money has gone to the support of her campain for President.

    She was paid 2 years ago for a speach that was highly attended and was highly intresting. We have a right as to do so. She offered a service and we paid for it. That is what the land of the free means right? Many found it informative. I was in the adduance and found it intresting. We have all had Mr Carson speak too. Mrs. Clinton was not a canidate at that time.

    When she was a Senator I would believe RPAC did back her campain. We have a strick set of princapals and beliefs of home ownership and property rights. I am sure she supported those princapals and beliefs and that is why she got the backing.

    We do not support what is best for the financing arena. This is why we are not only the 6th largest lobby but the most trusted lobby in Washington and in most state capitals. Our lobby is what is best for home ownership and property rights.

    This post was almost as good as the video when you called for the tax decution of home intrest only to last 5 years. Unless you refied, then you get another 5 years. See the differance. Our lobby is not about self serving intrest. By the way with spin of the issue like this. You may want to run for office.

    Normally RPAC does not donate to Presidental runs and to my knowledge we have not given to one canitate running for President. RPAC dollars mostly go to Federal, State, and local legislative races and are split almost down the middle between parties. So please help us protect and preserve property ownership rights to the benefit of all citizens throughout the United States. Now donate to RPAC and help protect and preserve these right.

  58. NAR's substantial increase in membership fees from a couple of years ago is totally earmarked for political activity–if you waant services, primarily MLS services, you must pay–not exactly a voluntary contributiion. It is my view that NAR has always had a soft spot in its heart for the 'D's' and their policies, and some of those policies were responsible for the most recent housing crash.

    Not sure either party is reallyl concerned with the real estate market.

  59. Paul Howard says:

    Steve Baklaich Beverly's polite language: "…. in comparison with a liar, cover-up artist, harasser of women raped by her husband, defender of rapists with no regard for our country's security and an avowed Socialist."

    Congrats on your 'analysis' steve. wow you sure showed me.
    The really odd thing is that the republican mainstream sees cruz and trump pretty much the way I do. But lest you think I'm limiting 'wack job' to those 2 clowns – I'm not.

    Have you looked at the way the rest of the world sees that side show that is the republican presidential primary. Are you proud of that mess?

  60. Did you seriously just use Hilary & honest in the same sentence? Wow!!!

  61. Scott Layden says:

    Not loving the CFPB. But, I believe our best chance of keeping FNMA and Freddie still around rather than losing a public-private liquidity option is a Democratic presidency.

  62. Eddie C Ruettiger so where is the money coming from if not our dues or RPAC?

  63. Jenny Jones says:

    NAR has no right to support one candidate over another unless there is a clear & definite advantage to our industry. Hillary & her cronies are the ones who passed the debilitating Dodd-Frank laws; all while taking our tax money to bail out her banking buddies. There is absolutely nothing in her history to show she will help to advance our industry. My NAR representatives are NOT representing me if they are funding her campaign in any way!!

  64. Could it be that the Realtor community simply mirrors society in general? Electing a president is not about just selling homes. It's about the entire world, the leader of the free world and is serious business. There is more to our world and life in general than selling homes; if you don't know that, you need to wake up. Who do you really want with their finger on the button that could end your life and the lives of billions of people? How about your children and their future. Regardless of your political affiliation, the housing market is about banks and Wall Street (exotic securities) and if you don't believe that needs oversight and further regulation, I have some homes I'd like to sell you in 2006 (a real bargain!)

    This is also about how we (as a country) are viewed around the world and how we treat people, regardless of how rich or poor they are, or the color of their skin, their faith or a host of other social issues. If you are a self thinker and not a follower, you work through the issues in your life and then consider the world in general before making a decision as to who to vote for – it's personal and it's yours. Own it and don't allow others to sway your vote. If you like the Donald, vote for him; Hillary or Bernie, vote for them – but consider the consequences of each candidate and think outside the box – it's not all about selling homes and making mortgages. It's much, much deeper than that. In another words – it's not about YOU but US. Think about that for a minute – YOU are not that important – the world we leave for our children is.

    NAR does not spend money on candidates – RPAC does – don't donate if you don't like that – it's voluntary. NAR does not speak for me nor should they speak for you – housing is one tiny aspect of this election – very tiny relative to many other far more important issues!

  65. Thom York says:

    HIllary is a LIAR!!!! If she is President, she will ruin the Country! I hate NAR! I do not support NAR! My dues go to support a LIAR! I have never given to RPAC! I hope no other "REALTORS" give to RPAC!

  66. Korey Welch says:

    "Facts are not liberals' strong suit. Rhetoric is." Thomas Sowell

  67. Dora Griffin says:

    How would one set aside political views in a political election? The fact is the Repubs have run the house and senate for some time now and guess what!; we still have the cfpb. They are all talk. Paul Howard is correct. There is not one repub worth voting for. Period. They have no answers about ANY problems except to privatize SS and deport ppl. Well, and the size of their packages. I would vote for any party, but seriously the repubs have scraped the bottom of the barrel with this clown bus.

  68. Eric Howlett says:

    We remember the Bush administration and the economic policies that crashed our industry. That's why we are backing Democrats.

  69. Yulia Brown says:

    Hope we don't miss the boat! Funny how one organization decides to pay for all of the Realtors® out there. Kind of like goernment decides what they are going to do with OUR tax money, giving away "FREE" stuff. Disturbing. Very disturbing.

  70. Michael Golieb says:

    I could not possibly vote for the only person who lies more than Obummer.

    That said, I guess I can understand NAR’s thinking …

    The median income of a Realtor is $35,000. That puts the typical Realtor below the poverty line. The median home price in the country is about $200,000. That means most of our clients are living below the poverty line and can barely put together the 3.5% down payment to buy a house. SO, the fact that a SOCIALIST would raise taxes, raise the death tax, and give away the farm to every refugee and illegal who wants to cross the border and begin claiming social handouts, is not surprising at all. Those of us who are actually successfully earning a decent living, investing, saving, and paying taxes will never have the votes to override the entitlement class. The only hope is for a Ronald Reagan type who can rekindle the American dream in enough of them, that they believe they will some day be part of the producer, saver, investor, wealthy class, and will not want to carry the load when they get there!!!

  71. Brett Pavel says:

    Rosemary Loven I can't imagine anyone being proud of the GOP.

  72. Edward Olson says:

    your the wack job buddy

  73. Brett Pavel says:

    I do so feel the Bern. Establishment NAR supporting establishment HRC a surprise? I don't think so.

  74. Seriously – My wife and I are in Real Estate. I also own a mortgage company but I am a
    broker.(yes the ones that destroyed the world). We found it progressively harder to hire and expand based on a 2.75% fee. We do not work out of the home ,but instead we have always maintained the mortgage company to HELP those that cannot get financing and insure that a deal will go through. Amazing how we can pay an outsourced processing company but in reality we are doing the work and not able to be paid. We are expected to absorb the over head of an employee to say nothing of the countless hours spent filling out inane reports. Lastly how is it that the Dodd Frank sponsor owns an AMC. All arranged by the blob in charge. Lastly values would not appreciate in a fair market and have not due to Dodd Frank . A home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay in an unfetterred market yet homes will not appreciate and control has truly been given to the banks who also own 49.9% of the AMC for which many consumers are not aware of. Hillary has made it quite clear that she is going to take this further. What next the broker can only make 2% or less? Quite clear the con artist is in the banks pockets! Under no circumstances will I donate anything and support NAR if they give my funds to that coniving, lying witchwho was instrumental in killing our kids in Bengazi!! She should be in JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LED SIGN SAYS " VOTE FOR HILLARY AND LOSE MORE EQUITY!!" Gary

  75. Mike Smith says:

    I am a broker and I feel Hilary would be a total disaster for our Country! I also do not like the idea that the NAR would even consider supporting her with the dues I pay!, she should be held accountable for her lack of duties and be in jail! If I ran my business with the same lack of diligence Hillary has represented our country I would be out of business!

  76. Bravo Eric. I don't think anyone has any idea of the hoops we jump through as loan officers to get a GOOD client approved, much less a mediocre one. It's exhausting. After 17 years, I'm thinking, there has to be something out there where I don't have to work as hard or put in as much time and still get paid a fairly attractive income.

  77. Dave Zitting says:

    I think we need to separate the issues of regulation and liquidity – for the most part. Cruz, Trump or Rubio (GOP) might be successful at some level with regulatory / DoddFrank reform; however, Clinton camp seems to be more supportive of the GSE's (government support of housing liquidity) – and shows evidence of a plan surrounding housing policy in general. The GOP seems to be less supportive of government support of housing liquidity (see white papers supplied by R. Jeb Hensarling's office, Chairman of The House Financial Services Committee, etc.), calling for less government support of the GSE model, and moving to a more pure private-liquidity model. The question is – "What's more important – regulatory / Dodd Frank reform, or liquidity support and Agency Reform?" I think there is good evidence that our industry witnesses only one or the other supported by our next administration – not both. What's important to understand, I think, is to have an understanding of exactly what we're voting for – especially if your vote is motivated by support of the housing industry and career (and less ideology) – as NREP has done a great job pointing out.

  78. I'm a Realtor and I do NOT support Hillary!!

  79. Paul Howard Beverly was polite towards you. Towards Mrs. Clinton, she was I believe, honest. The facts are clear to anyone who has followed her throughout the years.
    I have no desire to show you anything Paul, but rather speaking up for what's right, for it's own sake.
    I am not sure how you draw your conclusions about the "Republican Mainstream", but I will state that the Conservative Majority is not represented by the Republican Party, and hasn't been for a long time. Trump is not a Conservative, and does not speak for me, or to me. But I understand why many are interested in him (see Jesse Ventura), and the danger he holds for the country.
    Cruz and Trump are not the same. Your lumping together of all the GOP candidates illustrates a prejudice. Your use of the term previously discussed, demonstates either intellectual laziness, or a contempt for those you argue against.
    To the point of the article, however, is that Mrs. Clinton will likely continue with corrupt and flawed practices, that will ultimately help bring about the next market downturn (see Bill Clinton). I agree with many of the other commenters here, and would not authorize money to be paid to Candidate Clinton.

  80. Greg Johnson says:

    Those donations ARE supporting political parties and the bulk of the donation goes to the party or person they think will win NAR has their own agenda and is paid for on the backs of the donors who have no voice, Sound familiar. I know! The indian casinos across the country donate to both parties in almost equal amounts yet lean to the side they feel will win. As for the Republican wack jobs as noted below, All the candidates ARE WACK JOBS to a point except for 1 guy in my opinion and that guy cant win. Clinton is the most unlikeable, self serving placating person on the planet if she were a republican, treason charges would have already been filed, she is a liar and couldnt tell the truth if her life depended on it and nothing like her husband who most people liked, policy aside. Hilary cant even spell Red Whire and Blue. Hilary is as much of a moderate as Roseann Barr is a gradute of weight watchers, what are you smoking Paul? Really!!! Bernie was a flunky with no job until he was 40 and has no chance with the theory that is, if you have a dollar and i have a dollar i have 2 dollars, he would kill real estate and lending the largest economic job creator in this country, How much sense does that make? How did Rubio even get in the race, Cruz comes off trying to play to Trumps game and looks foolish. Trumps says what he thinks and his finger on the button has to scare most people however he has the guts to say what he thinks with out the PC spin, different and refreshing no doubt, a detour to the norm we are all accustom too at this point and there is the appeal. We have a President that will go down in history as the worst President ever taking that banner away from Jimmy Carter. Who can we vote for and who will stand up for the American way of life? Donations from NAR are supporting someone who says one thing and does another and that is the democrats because PAC feels she will win. If you enjoy working while supporting those who choose not to you know who to vote for. When the question was posed to hilary concerning drug tests for those on government assistance she said the question was stupid. If you dont have a job and are sucking on the tit of society you should be required to be drug free. Most of corporate america requires that you pass a drug test to work for them, Why Not! Calculated for sure yet not in the industries best interests, not at all.

  81. Ben Yost says:

    Pretty simple bsaed on the comments I have read. Those that Make Money in this industry "Hate Hillary", Those that don't make any money- "Love Hillary"! If she wins do I get my own server (for Free)???

  82. Pamala Drake says:

    Hillary Schmillery Schmarmery …I am a Realtor and totally object to my dues or raypac contributions going to the evil superpacks that fund someone I am against. However, Bernie Sanders is FOR the middle class and most of the borrowers are there. He does NOT change his story depending on who he talks to… like Schmillery does. I am a 69ish white woman and would love to see Elizabeth Warren as our first woman president, but she won't run and Bernie is my choice… in her place. FEEL THE BURN, if you want help for the little guy, or gal, Go Bernie!
    Pamala Drake

  83. Jim Phillips says:

    How can we support anyone who talks about raising taxes, supports tightening mortgage guidlines and ignores our 20 trillion dollars of debt! I ashamed I am a member of NAR! PS; I hope your wrong about Trump not beating Hillary, everyone knows she doesnt know how to tell the truth!

  84. How much have they contributed to other candidates? You/we have to look at the entire picture and keep asking questions and holding NAR accountable, so thank you.

  85. Paul Howard says:

    Steve Baklaich The sad thing is, I know you honestly believe the things you say.
    It is like discussing something that is counter to someones 'faith'. When they have 'faith' logic and facts don't matter because they won't recognize them.
    This is where I see you, Steve, and there is absolutely nothing I or anyone else can say that will change that.

  86. The lost me a bit ago, I hope others notice. Thank you guys.

  87. She's a liar and traitor and belongs in jail not the White House.

  88. Paul Howard says:

    Jeff Johnston I'd also be interested in your unbiased views of Bernie Sanders.

  89. I just received RPAC's newest newsletter. Not a mention of their political donations. Hmmm…. REALTORS: Please email RPAC and let them know of your disdain: realtorparty@realtors.org.

  90. Paul Howard There is one thing you could do that would give you half a chance at being respected enough to have a civil discussion. Quit condescending. Part of that is using the word fact (facts, logic, or common sense) to describe your argument, while in the midst of stating your opinion.
    I actually listen to all of the candidates, and extended interviews, and writings. Both sides. I've watched MSNBC, and listen to NPR, and take in as much of this subject matter as time allows.
    Like so many pols, prefacing a lie with one of the above words, legitimizes the lie; and allows for the de-legitimization of anyone who disagrees with you. I am not buying, so I am a faith based nut job, etc. An additional tactic is to say, "84% of Earthlings agree with me on this", derived by a poll that asks a poorly worded, manipulative question; thus, indicating your enemy is in the minority (as if logic were a popularity contest).

    The media sound-bites you are using to form your opinions are not data, or facts, but the smear tactics of biased people with too much power. You still have a responsibility to be civil to those who interact with you.

  91. Yes it does seem that real estate agents support Hillary Clinton although I am a 52-year-old white woman and I absolutely do not! I am a realtor and it pisses me off that NAR is spending my money by her.

  92. I recall it was from the Clinton era that a Dem Congress, Dem run Fannie & Freddie & Alan Greenspan loosened the reins on the banks under the guise that all Americans were entitled to realize the "American Dream of homeownership". Later it was Greenspan, under testimony around the financial crisis that said, he loosened the reigns and lending requirements on banks to free up money, grow the economy and encourage homeownership. thinking & believeing the banks would govern, control & moderate themselves financially, while in reality the exact opposite happened resultting in the near financial collapse toward the end of the Bush era. The Bush Administartion was a contuniuation of these policies, that allowed Wall Streeters to go wild & loose, gambling others' monies, as if in Las Vegas, making themsleves and others very rich, ultimately at the expense of large foreign investors (China & in part the EU & Russia) and the "Average Joe-Public" investors in pension funds, 401-Ks, savings accounts & mortgage backed securities (FNMA FHLMC GNMA & PMAC stocks) you & I say, ultimately very poor and made responsible & liable to bail-out these institutions and banks during and through the financial melt-down of they say 2008 to 2011 … when in fact if you were invloved directly in real estate you say it coming from 2005 in Florida and actually began seeing & feeling the effects in late 2006 & by mid-2007 the whole mess was then beginning to unravel and while some tried to warn & blow whistles … things were "going to good" to stop the runaway train and then disaster it the avergae man in the street NOT the players that created & perpetrated the following financial messes that we're still feeling the after effects from … low or no interest rates for savers, retirees nest-eggs gone or going or not earning a dime, many times not even a red cent … And our NAR is supporting this candidate and the possible perpetration of another USA & world financial collapse … Are they crazy? Have they forgotten the last 20 years of 2 x Clinton, then 2 x Bush …
    I want to stop paying my dues and supporting NAR, FAR, RPAC etc … they are crazy~! Sorry but I want to spearhead a campaign for a new Real Estate Association called "The Brokers & Agents Independence & Relief Act Assocation of 2016 & Bwyond" where WE: Own the MLS, Own our listings, Own our photographs, Own our own marketing (not MSN, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, AOL, Murdoch, Turner, Homes.com etc,) Own our own futures and those of the real estate communities in which we serve, work & make a living in and NOT give the house away. All the MLSs, Zillow & the like should be paying us royalties etc to buy our hard earned listings & all the other work we do in this industry, not vice versa, so they can advertise the proprietary info of us Brokers & Agents on their websites and NOT be able to buy all this from the likes of the NAR, FAR, DRE whatever, whatever BUT Buy it from Us, the rain-makers who generate the business from the trenches everyday. Fellow Real Estate professionals, mortgage, title and other colleagues, Please Wake Up & smell the $$$ we have allbeen giving away and why are we so "broker" than they and not "richer". We do most all of the work and we get compensated the least in the long run … no continual or residual or other income, other than the 1-time commission … Please join me in getting this straight and "who's Hilary anyway" … just another politician, Clinton/Bush/Cheney/CFPB/SEC/Junkie …
    Thanks, Steve E

  93. Eric Goosen says:

    NAR is a liberal labor union and should be ended

  94. John Rose says:

    I am amazed that NAR is so distant from its membership. After the 2004 elections there was a flood of brokers that left NAR membership because the leadership of NAR donated funds to political campaigns without authority or approval of the membership. NAR should reflect the wishes of their members, not of a few biased leaders that are out of touch with what is happening politically as it relates to their industry.
    What most people don’t realize is that the policies of the current Administration and CFPB are to eliminate competetion in behalf of the big banks, including the ultimate shutting down of FNMA, FHLMC, etc. and allow big banks to issue their own MBS’s and therefore, eliminate the smaller banks, mortgage bankers and brokers. What most don’t realize is that ultimately, the goal is for the big banks to handle the entire real estate transaction including the negotiations between the buyer and seller (agency), escrow services and lending. The real estate industry as we know it will become a distant memory.

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