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How would the CFPB look if there were a Clinton administration?  We asked MBA President David Stevens his thoughts on the matter.



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"Hillary Clinton and the CFPB"

  1. I agree with his comments, but i would really like to hear what he thinks off the record. CFPB is stomping on most anybody that has money. How is thta helping the consumer

  2. Ted Batten says:

    The gentleman was so careful about what he was saying that he did not say anything

  3. T Camp says:

    How do I get a REMN password for the free flier service?

    1. admin says:

      I think you just create it right there on the page.

      1. Leslie De Palo says:

        As far as I know, I formally subscribed to “Flyer Paradise” last week and have not heard back yet. When will be receive the next steps to get everything set up?

  4. Vernon Morrison says:

    I don’t need to hear what he thinks off the record, it is obvious with what he said on the record is just the opposite if it were off the record.

    IMHO, MBA needs to be more forceful.

  5. FL-MTG-BRKR says:

    There is a new drug out for people who are easily offended, cannot take a joke, or have succumbed to the wussification of America. I think he could use some. The drug is called Growacet…

  6. the CFPB needs to issue clear definitive guidance on use of MSA's

  7. Gregg Mower says:

    The whole CFPB is extremely George Orwellian riddled with "double speak". With big brother breathing down your back how can an industry continue to provide good service to consumers if they are consistently worrying about being fined for an independent lending decision that a “private company” made. We need to get back to a free market society without Government intervention. Radical changes need to made within our government from all three branches to get back to a capitalistic society, as our once great country was founded on. Let’s face it, the CFPB has hired those folks that could not make it in our industry in the first place, looking for the government pension with the guise of helping the consumer by taking down a once great industry. Yes, the industry got greedy and made mistakes, but it was our very Government that bailed out the main offenders after the crisis when they should have let them fail. It was greed on the part of the Government (our elected officials) in protecting their own stock holdings in these companies with the bailouts. In free market economy bad companies fail other companies learn from those failures and the industry goes on. I would challenge the CFPB to prove one case or set of fines that was designed to actually help the consumer and not CFPB’s bottom line. Our once great country is Broken because our government choses to throw money at Agencies like the CFPB all the while hiding behind consumer protection when, in fact, they are killing America from the inside out. Wake up America we need change and a radical one.

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