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additional comments on
"Hidden Real Estate and Mortgage Tax"

  1. John Wildey says:

    You gave us a nice bedtime story just now, but the FACTS are as follows. A scheduled reduction in the Gfee, of TEN BASIS POINTS – thats 0.01% – that was set to go into effect in 2020 – 5 YEARS FROM NOW – is being eliminated. It is absolutely NOT a new tax. It is already there. It would still have been there for the next five years, even if none of this was happening. And whats more, your complaint that we should be so very upset that money from mortgages is going to pay for roads *gasp*! So WHAT? Do you realize that as long as Fannie and Freddie are in conservatorship every last penny of their profits goes to the treasury and ultimately pays for roads and schools and parks and wars and welfare and on and on? Forget 1/100th of a percent, that we are talking about with this Gfee thing, the billions of dollars fannie and freddie make go to pay for a wide variety of things in the government that have exactly ZILCH to do with mortgages.

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