Here is Some Interesting Millennial Data

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Here is Some Interesting Millennial Data that you might not have considered.




4 thoughts on “Here is Some Interesting Millennial Data”

  1. Brandon says:

    You mean I can put the avocado directly onto the toast? (mind blown)

  2. Larry Loef says:

    Velinda……. stupid ? ? ? They are NOT talking about MOBILE homes !

  3. Paul Klimke says:

    Here’s a different point of view… Millenials Don’t Exist!! Don’t believe me…believe Adam Conover…. check it out….it is a worthwhile way to spend 25 minutes. Really. If the link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and search Adam Conover Millenials Don’t Exist. Enjoy

  4. SarcasmDetector says:

    Manufactured homes built better than stick-built? Sorry Brian, but you’re confusing ‘modular’ with ‘manufactured’, the latter of which are mobile homes.

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