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additional comments on
"Here is a New Meaning for the Term Brickhouse"

  1. Bob Brickman says:

    Is there an adjustment on the appraisal for these dwelling units?

  2. Joy Basher Downey says:

    The reason is Realtors have no control on what Brokers post on their websites. Its all about money. Brokers that refer to their agents can collect a referral fee or as agent of the day take those leads depending on their firms policy from those phone calls that come in. Realtors pay out a lot of money toward so much. This is why a Realtor needs to be proactive on their social media and advertising. Plus in Virginia we are required by law to promote the brokerages. This is about money.

  3. Dan Lourenco says:

    Great show today, pretty hilarious. To answer the trivia question at the end and not give UWM too big of a plug but their target rate solves that exact problem. Why not quote 4.55% and do no credit or charge? Then they get a true zero par rate and the client tells his friends/family that he got 4.5X% with no points rate which spreads quickly and has the phone bringing incoming calls in vs hitting the phone.

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