Well we don’t have a show today as I (Frank) am in New York and Brian is tied up with stuff as well.  But we’ll be back tomorrow with truly riveting mortgage and real estate information that’s sure to blow your mind.

Since we don’t have a show, I pass along 2 things.  First don’t forget to make the “REMN After Party” in Vegas at the NAMB event on the 24th of this month.  Let me tell you something.  You DON’T want to miss it.  They know how to throw a party.  We’ve been to several of them and can only remember bits and pieces of them, so, what does that tell you?  Anyway click their banner on the right to get the details.

yankeestadium400Second, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photo’s of my trip to NY with my wife.  On Saturday we had the pleasure of hanging out with our great friend Barry Habib who got us on the field at Yankee Stadium where we got to see them beat the Ray’s.  I guess the Yankee’s have a sudden burst at the end of the season and there’s a chance for them to make the post season in the wild card race.

Sunday we started out by getting the wife to Louis Vuitton where she bought a purse that cost as much as one of my nicest guitars for her birthday.  Then we went to Tiffany & Co. conveniently located across the street where by some strange luck we got out of there without buying anything!  Whew.  Anyway, it’s all good.  Happy birthday babe.gv400

Then we made our way to Greenwich Village.  We traveled all over the city by foot and by Lyft.  I think the most I spent on any Lyft ride was $40.00.  What a great service.  Greenwich Village was my destination as it has such rich musical history.  We went to the fountain where they used to gather every Sunday and play music.  That whole area is so cool.  If you ever get to NY and you’re a music history fan, do some research on Greenwich Village and go there.  You’ll love it.

gz400Next up was ground zero.  This weekend of course was the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  We didn’t make the formal memorial service, we got there a few hours later, but the scene was very deeply filled with emotions.  People were crying and paying their respects.  The NYPD and NYFD were out in force.  We found many of them in the surrounding pubs drinking and remembering that day.  It was a very sobering moment for sure.  I’m glad I was here to experience it.

After that we went down to try and get to the Statue of Liberty, but it was all sold out.  So we went across the way and jumped on the Staten Island Ferry, which to our surprise was free!  It was a great 25 minute ride that provided some spectacular views.  Once we got to Staten Island, we quickly realized unless we were planning on getting on a train or a bus, there really wasn’t anything to see or do, so we jumped on the next ferry back.freedomtower400

Then we made our way back up to midtown to have a little Sheppard’s Pie at a Kick ass Irish Pub near Times Square.  After that we took in all the lights and did some people watching in the Square until we hopped on one of those tricycles to take us back to our hotel.  It was a great weekend for sure, and now we’re on our way home to California.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and I hope your football team won yesterday.

See you later.