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Looking for affordability

Everyone’s looking to move to find affordability.  If you’ve watched the shows or been on my Facebook LIVE’ stream this week, you know we’ve talked to death about this:  45% of folks want to move to find a cheaper place to live.  Prices have skyrocketed in every state with Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Idaho leading the way.  Why?  The closest proximity to California is the least affordable state in the country.  Our migration is like the Jodes from the depression-inspired Steinbeck book, the grapes of wrath.  Time to pack all your crap or as much as you can, but unlike the Jodes, travel east this time. 

So, if you’re thinking of moving to cheaper pastures, I’ll give you the 5 most affordable states for you to move to.  Ready? 

5.) Indiana
4.) Kansas
3.) West Virginia
2.) North Dakota
1.) and the most affordable state in the country is … Iowa

Funny, I would have thought West Virginia to be the most affordable state.  Those would presumably be the top five destination sites for transplants, yet that’s not the case. 

OK, the five least affordable states, and yes these are states that are seeing the most migration out of are

5.) Massachusetts
4.) Idaho
3.) Rhode Island
2.) New York
1.) and, of course, the least affordable is the golden state of California

Highest gas, taxes, home prices, and rents, but if you’re in the market for cheap avocados, cheese or tomatoes.  This is definitely where you want to live. 

Marketing Opportunity?

Now if I were a Realtor or a lender I would start Facebook business pages in the 5 most expensive states titled, “moving to (input your state) then give me a call.”  Further, I’d go to community groups in those 5 expensive states with the same message. I’d make a post to the same extent in the real estate section of Facebook Marketplace.  Totally doable.  Then the same thing with Twitter, Instagram, hell, TicTok it, but you’d better dance while you’re saying it.  

Oh, on Twitter you can search for something like I’m thinking of moving to Idaho, which I just did, and guess what shows up?  A whole bunch of results.  Seriously these are actual results from that specific search.  Check out just the first result. 

“I’ve decided that I’m moving back to the US from Mexico. America has good people who care about freedom, also has a lot of guns, and is likely going to have a revolution of some degree in the near future. This shit is getting real. Thinking of Texas, South Dakota, Idaho, Florida.”

Now there’s more than that.  There’s a ton of results.  You just have to mess with what you’re searching for.  You want to search for what you think other people might be tweeting.  With that said, you may not like his message, but he is right.  We do have a lot of guns.  

Side note, the strange thing is, California has the highest tenured homeowners in the country.  In spite of the migration, it seems like when people get here, they like it and want to stay.  

More Foreclosures on the way?

Now, this is a crazy graph and you’ll probably see it again. So do you want to know just how bad the shutdown was for us as a society, as a people, as Americans? Check this out. This is a graph of the percentage of job losses in post WW2 recessions. The red line is the 2020 shutdown. The percentage of job losses in that year is, well what can you say, drastically remarkably worse than any time since WW2.

I’m telling you guys…. We saw foreclosures go up 7-fold.  If you believe this graph, then you would have to believe that more foreclosures, significantly more foreclosures are on the way.  Yikes.