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"Has the CFPB Been Neutered?"

  1. Ken MacDonough SRA says:

    Hi Guys, I installed solar panels on my house in 1985, just before the government tax credit expired. In 2005, I needed a new asphalt shingle roof. I called the folks who installed the panels 20 years prior. They removed the panels, which were in nearly perfect condition. The roof was installed as were the panels once again. It is 2019 and the panels are still up there, pre-heating water for my hot water tank. 34 years! Thanks for the two minutes of advertising prior to your show. Ken M.

  2. John S says:

    Darn, I was going to hire some guys with ‘Zillow Rules!’ t-shirts to beat me up and exploit it on social media to help me, but your PSA made me change my mind. Hmmm… What to do now….

  3. Sounds like the whole California solar panel thing will be good news for the PACE loan companies.

  4. Brian Flood says:

    By now I’m sure you’ve heard that TIAA Bank (formerly EverBank) laid off its entire retail lending division. Lots of loan officers out looking for a job today.

  5. Bill Clifford says:

    The market will drive the cost of homes whether they have solar or not. And, the average cost of installation on an existing home is going to be far greater than the cost for a builder who buys the solar equipment in bulk and is not having to worry about making the panels work on an existing infrastructure not designed for them. Requiring this on new construction is like requiring polluting vehicles to get a smog check. Do you remember what the air in L.A. looked like in the 70’s and 80’s with a fraction of the people? You talk often about proactive business solutions, this is a proactive solution to saving the f’ing planet for future generations. I really enjoy the issues that you bring forward, but your over simplified Trumpian arguments pushing your own opinion are disappointing. Maybe consider presenting both sides of the argument and letting the community decide how they feel about it. I didn’t realize the NREP had decided to model itself after Fox News and CNN. Nice work fellas, shock, awe and anger…

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