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Ground Zero with Barry Habib and Ryan Hills.

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"Ground Zero"

  1. Steve Reed says:

    No sound past around 21 minutes

  2. Pete Dolci says:

    Thank you all for the explanation of what happened to the interest rates and why it did happen. Keep the great information coming

  3. Steve Reed says:

    Never mind. My end!

  4. Big thumbs up to all of you who took the time to put this together this morning. My husband wants to know why my cell phone is in bed with me again….lol, I told him this presentation is much more entertaining, educational and upbeat than anything else on my plate today. The rec center/gym is closed, its 16 degrees out in Michigan’s U.P.(but sunny!) but I’m putting my wool on and hitting the pavement, the TV is NOT going on today, off to the office as usual, (we still need to service our clients and customers), practicing caution of course, common sense prevails….we will get through this. Much thanks to all your expertise, foresight and optimism in a time we sure need it. Best to all those who will really struggle to get through this crisis….we all need to support each other, not all will survive this for sure. Sending good thoughts and best wishes to all.

  5. Denise Harrington says:

    Great info on a Sunday night… Looking forward to the next update.

  6. robert chain says:

    thank you enjoyed it

  7. Wes Shaw says:

    Thank you for the knowledge & invaluable insight. I look forward to continuing the conversation as we go to better equip us to inform the consumers who have “extra free time” right now to, and our fellow colleagues to keep calm & carry on!

  8. We are so appreciative of all the info shared today! I’m amazed how well Barry patiently explains everything to us. Our industry is so lucky to have him! Barry is the man!

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