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Great NAR Article Very Helpful for Marketing

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"Great NAR Article Very Helpful for Marketing"

  1. Chris Kasmikha says:

    This is the second time this year so far I am hearing to go after title companies for leads. Carl earlier said go after the leads where the financing fell through and now with today’s show going after leads within a certain time frame depending on our area. Both ideas great and when I went to implement Carl’s idea, I am getting stonewalled with compliance. Every title company I have approached is saying they cannot send us any such info as it is not compliant and they can get in a lot of trouble. The only title company that is willing to give me that info regardless of the compliance is the one we have the best relationship with and send most of our business to because they trust how we will treat them.

    I am curious on if anyone else is running into this at all. Thanks

  2. Here in CA all title companies can give you property info. It’s public records.

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