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Goldman Sachs is Back and doing 2nd mortgages.

See the Housingwire Story Here.



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"Goldman Sachs is Back"

  1. Donald Stump says:

    Friday I bet you will talk about CFPB no -0- money allocated for the coming year, Yea!

  2. Stuart Fitzpatrick says:

    I hate to tell you but Marcus is real! I just got a personal loan from them last week with so little hassle and paperwork that I’m still shaking my head at how easy and quick it was. No late fees, no penalties (except accruing interest), and you can even request a deferment every now and then. And I was approved online in less than 5 minutes. No income documentation requested. Unbelievable!!!

  3. Suzy Korum says:

    The only one that is to blame is the U.S. gov’t for making such ridiculous arrangements in the whole bail-out scheme. Some were helped, some were not, and those that think faster than the rest figured out how to get rich. And our wonderful Washington loyalists stood tall for the American people, telling all how they got those scoundrel mortgage companies, and they got ’em good! We’re so lucky to have such wonderful people looking out for the little guy!

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