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A real estate agent got fired from Keller Williams for posting a politically charged image on Facebook.  Right or wrong?



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"Getting Fired From Real Estate for Facebook Posts"

  1. Justin Boyd says:

    As was mentioned above, you have a constitutional right that the government will not make a law against your free speech. There is no such thing as a constitutional right to free speech under an employer. As a KW agent in leadership, her post was against culture and in our office, she would have been asked to leave. Same deal with NFL, they have rules that you will stand for the national anthem. Break the rules and you open yourself up to consequences. The employer has the right to determine what those consequences are. If you don’t like it, you have the right to find another job. No one is forcing you to stay in that job except yourself. Lastly, people need to realize that they have no right to not be offended. In this country, we have the right to be bigots, racists, the m anest person you’ve ever known, or the nicest person ever known. There are consequences to our actions, but expecting the government to step in and protect your ‘right to not be offended’ is the antithesis of what our constitution stands for. Grow some thicker skin and go make the world a better place instead of whining all the time!

  2. Rob Aubrey says:

    I think the NFL and Employers have the right to set standards. But the key is consistency that matters. The NFL picks and chooses its freedom of expression, for example, the Dallas COwboys were not allowed to wear a decal of a star that had the words Arm in Arm to honor the slain police officers. Another example is when Jake Plummer was not allowed to wear a number 40 decal on his helmet to honor Pat Tillman. To jog your memory, Pat Tillman was an active NFL player, that stopped in mid-career to join the Army, and was killed. Another example. The NFL looks petty in this situation, as it did when it threatened to fine Peyton Manning for honoring Johnny Unitas by wearing his trademark black hightops the week after his death.

    Now to the kay dub issue, I don’t have any evidence as I don’t run around monitoring kay dud Facebook profiles. Are you telling me that no other kay dub agent has ever posted something offensive? Puh-Lease! You forgot to mention she was a Republican State Rep.

    It is not the firing or the denying, it is the double standards that is infuriating.

    Long Live the 2nd Amendment

  3. Elysia Stobbe says:

    I would like the contact info for the great processor in Atlanta please.

  4. Liz Pierson says:

    I’m a Realtor and have both a personal and a professional Facebook page. It is my understanding that we are prohibited from posting/soliciting as a Realtor on a personal page by Facebook, thus the requirement for the business page. My question is did this KW agent post that on her personal page or her KW business page? She should be able to retain her right of free speech if personally posted, but if on her business page, then I think not. I’m sure she signed something agreeing to abide by KW’s Social Media policy when she bame an agent there. As someone commented above, we are treated as independent 1099 contractors, not employees; the type of Facebook account should be the deciding factor.

  5. Alan G says:


  6. Free Speech says:

    Who decides what’s offensive? You? Give me a break. So, real estate has become just another pile of crybaby leftist garbage?

  7. Kevin says:

    I’ll bet had she not held political office she wouldn’t have been fired. She is most likely at the opposite end of the political spectrum than the powers that be at KW are…and as such was fired…

  8. Bill Orr says:

    I can get all this stuff by watching the news, various websites and tv shows. I tune in here to get mortgage and real estate stuff. Can we please get back to business stuff tomorrow?

  9. Bernie says:

    I am 100% done with the NFL. They kneeling stands for nothing except to further divide this country. They have the world and make millions and instead of using that money to better the lives of those in need – they spit on the very people who fought and DIED to give them the right to become millionaires by not standing for the National Anthem. I will not watch nor support any organization that supports the NFL. I am so angry. My brother fought for this Nation. My Grandfathers too and now my daughter serves. I will not support the NFL any more because of their hatred for the very Nation that gave them every thing they have. Without NFL Fans these men are nothing.

  10. Compuquill says:

    Facebook is the devil and the world would be a better place if it slipped a few digits and just disappeared. That’s my first thought because I see the mindless drivel and cut and pastes people post there. But hey, free speech and all that. Should she have been fired? No, because she posted it on her personal page. Had it been a company account, different story. The line gets pretty thin on this, unfortunately, because she probably used the Facebook account for both purposes. I have Real Estate friends that do the same, but they’re very careful not to let politics or (possibly) offensive things slip into their posts.

    I admin an internet site and have actually banned people from it based on something they posted on Facebook. While they thought they were being smarmy by posting “Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?,” I took that at its root context — you are advocating the assassination of a president. Do I care about your politics? No, I don’t. But, I remember too well coming home from school, seeing my mother in tears, sobbing on the couch in front of the TV, “My god, they shot him! They killed him!” the day JFK was shot. Like many Americans of that era, we actually had a picture of the President in our living room. It was the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and you respected him.

    Sadly, respect for much of anything is long gone in this country and being a patriot and respecting the flag, the anthem, law enforcement now gets you labeled as a Nazi fascist. God help us all.

  11. BarbaraAnn Williamson says:

    You can’t be fired if you’re not an employee. We’re independent contractors. She’s still a Realtor, she is just now unaffiliated with KW. I think KW made the right call. I’d be interested to see if she IS actually fired from her other job come election time.

  12. Lisa says:

    When you are an realtor and have the brokerage name displayed on all marketing material, you are an independent contractor that is representing a company.
    Perhaps the company did not want to be represented this way and also did not want to be affiliated with someone who is unopposed to express their opinion so very publicly.
    Freedom of speech is paramount. But is does sometimes come with consequences.

  13. Fair & Balanced says:

    No one seems to have mentioned the racial aspects of this posting which reflects on her ability to perform her job as a real estate agent. As agents we are not supposed promote or be a part of any form of discrimination when it comes to housing and can lose our licenses if we are. Her posting, whose wording was a parody of “Black Lives Matter” could be interpreted as and in fact is probably a dog whistle attack on African Americans protesting for fair treatment of them by police officers. That of course can be interpreted as racially discriminatory and I can understand why Keller Williams would want to distance themselves from an agent who expresses those views. They would like to stay in business.

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