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Get Your Own Dang Leads



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"Get Your Own Dang Leads"

  1. Rick Schmille says:

    Great tip but I’m confused. You use the bat cave you say but when and where do you put the house and text code?

    1. following this question, I posted listing, but have no text codes…a little confused.

  2. Renee says:

    So once you have the ad set up, and then people start messaging you…then what? How do you get their contact info? How can I market to them?

  3. How do we get info on Listing Booster?

  4. Rick Hamilton says:

    Can anyone post/find a YouTube video that shows step-by-step? brian skipped over a bunch of steps. He started on a Rental, then ended up in a For Sale. He skipped over SOMETHING. Thanks. r.

  5. Selling Lake Ozarks since 2001
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  6. Eric says:

    Hello Can u=you send me the link for Listing Bosster the one below is not working


  7. Katherine Keough says:

    What is the Listing Booster product, how does it work, and what does it cost?

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