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Freddie Mac went from over $4B in profits in Q2 to over $400MM loss in Q3.  Should we be concerned?



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"Freddie Posts First Loss in Four Years"

  1. Great info and explanations as usual guys, thank you.

  2. Ron Aguilar says:

    that final clip was extremely funny

  3. Seems like they are going to give us a nasty wake up call again. Am I totally wrong?

  4. Dan Chapman says:

    I love it classic Chris Farley lol…!

  5. Macman says:

    Great information as always. I’m a Freddie preferred holder and haven’t received a dividend in ages (being robbed by the USG since 2008) so it pleases me that the USG won´t get one this Q either. The nasty wake up call will come from the usual criminals and government officials who run the show solely for their own profit.

  6. I must tune in more often – you guys are hysterical! I love how you cut thru the BS. The Chris Farley Skit – made me think of my dearly departed Dad – LOL!!!

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