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Freddie Mac has a new portal that connects Realtors directly with consumers.  If you’re a Realtor, you may want to get on that.





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"Freddie Mac Connects Realtors with Consumers"

  1. Brad says:

    From the standpoint of a mortgage or real estate professional, a reduction in consumer debt could be seen as a positive. Less consumer debt -> Lower Back End Ratio -> More money available to purchase homes.

    Further more, less people with consumer debt at 20%+ interest rates means our clients have less outflows sucking their potential downpayment money. Also there is less risk that high interest rates will lead to missed payments and hus lower scores

    Not trying to defend the CFPB, but I never saw revolving credit as a long term net positive for an economy.

  2. No good sports on right now? Your crazy, basketball is on. And you have the Golden State Warriors who are just killing almost every team they play and most likely going to win another championship this year. Mid summer is when there are no good sports on.

  3. No link to be found.

  4. Annalisa Ambrose says:

    It’s $19.99 per month….

  5. Al Valdini says:

    Unable to load video.
    New Website format doesn't work for me

  6. maybe just me but I wish you would omit the music in your videos. One it is distracting from some very good content . Two when listening in my office ; others think I am just playing on laptop listening to music . I Three :i t is distracting to others in the office.

  7. Mr. Krispy says:

    Obviously many of us still are unable to actually see your daily video, and we have commented as such here, yet I haven’t seen a response about the problem. For me the problem seems to be with the Safari browser. I ran the link through Firefox and it works perfectly. Another new problem is that now the emails are bringing links from the previous days post. So today (Saturday) I got the link to Friday’s post. Time to wake up the youngsters in your technology department…

    1. admin says:

      Mr. Krispy, Actually we sent a separate email specifically addressing the video viewing issues with instructions on what to try to fix it on the viewer end just a few days ago. We’re running WordPress and YouTube, so there may be certain browser issues. Hope you can find a solution. We’ve tested over here and are unable to reproduce any issues.

  8. Rudy Romo says:

    No good sports? Heard of the Warriors? The Sharks?

  9. Denny Black says:

    Is this lack of a video “more progress”? Go back to the way it worked before. We don’t have time to change things so you can continue to make “upgrades” that suck.

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