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On the heals of Freddie Mac’s quarterly net loss, their CEO asks lenders to lower their standards.



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"Freddie Asks Lenders to Lower Standards"

  1. What kind of companies pay off a "forced takeover bailout" in just a few short years?…ones that never needed the money in the 1st place. Hmmm

    Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Nancy Viejo says:

    I'm finding that I want to use Freddie more than Fannie. But Wholesale lenders are "discouraging" Brokers from using Freddie. Not sure why. When submitting findings for the Lender LE, most run DU behind you anyway. Freddie may want to find out the deal and get these wholesalers into their program.

  3. Hi Nancy, we sell 90% of our loans to Freddie. We allow you to follow AUS findings on income, assets, etc… Example: W2 only transcripts are allowed when findings permit. Freddie is also much more liberal on condos. Call me if you would like more info 🙂 Alicia Brisbane, Account Executive (wholesale/correspondent), Caliber Home Loans, 949-235-3516, Alicia.Brisbane@Caliberhomeloans.com

  4. Dave says:

    This also gives you great information that most people are not aware of.


  5. Brian, just because ONE person "seemed" to know it all, does not mean you are less valuable… Seriously! The following is a paraphrase of the lyrics to a Broadway musical, KING AND I, which may be appropriate here. A King is trying to figure out his world and it is a PUZZLEMENT: "There are times I almost think that nobody is sure of what he absolutely knows. Everybody finds confusion In conclusion, he concluded long ago. And it puzzles me to learn that tho' a man may be in doubt of what he knows; very quickly he will fight, he'll fight to prove that what he does not know is so!"

    To me, the whole Freddie / Fannie Mae lending seems to be a complex labyrinth, confustication, a puzzlement. THANKS for the programs you provide and have a great weekend!!!

  6. Don Schmidt says:

    OMB, Brian, I'm STILL LAUGHING about the VOD/Parents comment! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Steve Romero says:

    Thanks for my morning laugh. I appreciate your information and your delivery!

  8. Dave says:

    Great Job guys. Always look forward to the informative info you guys bring.Keep up the good work, And yeah Getting Punch Is better then getting Jumped.GOT TO ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES!

  9. Mike Kelly says:

    Fewer FHA loans…. Less FHA Loans is someone's name

  10. Ann McDonald says:

    If loans that are NOT FHA or VA, are then Freddie or Fannie, how can a coventional loan NOT be a Freddie or Fannie and therefore not qualify for the HARP program? Hmmm…

  11. Dave Sherwin says:

    Hey guys there is no shortage of appraisers there is a shortage of appraisers that will work for low fees. We are trying to have the CFPB put on the closing statement the appraiser gets $***** and the AMC fee is $***** the combined way is misleading don't you think.

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