No video today but we still wanted to let you in on something.  Millennials.  Now before you tune out, listen for just a second.  The truth of the matter is they are the biggest group of home buyers right now and will continue to be for a long while.

Here’s the thing.  Millennials are “researchers”.  More so than any other demographic of people that has ever existed.  They research literally everything and if they can’t find what they’re searching for in about 2 seconds they’ll immediately search for it in a different way until they find what they’re looking for.

Millenial-Woman-on-Laptop-Computer-in-Bedroom-800x500As much as we’d like to think that millennials ask a friend or a family member for a referral when it comes to shopping for a mortgage, the truth is they don’t.  They shop on-line.  Millennials like to run their scenarios through pricing engines.  They want to put in their data and get their result.  Done – Period – End of story.  Then, they if they feel they want to continue down the pre-approval path, they want to do as much as possible on-line.  This is how they were raised.  This what they know.  Did I say that they are the biggest group of home buyers we have within our reach right now?  Yeah they are.

Listen, if you can’t point a potential home buyer to your website or mobile app where they can put in their data and get an accurate rate quote, and then start the approval process, you’re missing out on huge opportunity.  So how do you make sure you can publish a “rate quote widget” that’s accurate with your funding sources and margins?  LoanTek.

These guys will totally hook you up start to finish and they’re dirt cheap!  They are THE BEST at what they do and we’re not just saying that because they pay us to say it.  It’s the freaking truth.  Whether you believe us or not, please don’t miss their upcoming webinar where they will lift the hood and show you exactly how they can help you with this critical component of your present and future business.  It’s this Thursday.  Yes we will record it, but GotoWebinar recordings are a 50/50 shot on working, so we really recommend you register and check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.


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"Finding Buyers Where They’re Looking"

  1. Did you say millenials shop online because according to the pictures you have posted, it looks like only hot girls shop online.

  2. I have to agree. These young, tech minded group have used the Internet like no other generation. Although at times, us "older" folk may be disappointed in their lack of "verbal" communication, this group has a definite agenda and don't want to waste time. We all benefit from others who don't like to waste their (and our) time.

  3. ….and apparently they wear yoga pants and/or shop from bed!

  4. Bernie says:

    this group also has the highest student loan debt in the history of this country. Another broken promise by the Obama administration as these kids and us parents are paying for all the illegals in this country to get a free education. These millennials and their parents are paying for illegals free ride and they cannot qualify for anything. At least that is what I am finding millennial after millennial who has come into our office looking for a loan.

  5. sam remax man says:

    so u prefer to see pictures of scruffy guys in their sweats? have u seen “millennial” men lately? Bring on the yoga pants and their wearers. As for Student Loans… my 2 nickels are on and end of year Obama attempt (aka Executive Order) to wipe away, sorry make the 1%ers pay ……sorry fundamentaly change how these loans are re-paid. After all it’s not fair!

  6. Bob Schwab says:

    Millennials are 2-4 years away from being a true buying force. Many are under employed, living with parents or sharing housing. They have a lot of student debt and have no money saved for a down payment. Having said that, they will be a force in the not too distant future, Change before you have to!

  7. NoSpinJustFacts says:

    The millennials research is not the research of the past. They do soundbite style research without investing much depth of validation. They are perfect candidates for bait & switch advertising. Tell them what they want to hear, not what they need to know. The reality, most Americans have fallen into this trap. If you make your choices without indpth

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