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FHFA Under Harassment Fire.



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"FHFA Under Harassment Fire"

  1. Nick Calvi says:

    Based on the accusations at least some of the conversations between employee and boss (Watt) were held out of the office. Based on Mel’s suggestion the accuser states Mel suggested they talk about her promo and raise over lunch. Supposedly there are taped conversations as they were driving to a DC restaurant for a lunch meeting. Some of the comments you mentioned in your show are some of those alleged to have been recorded in the car ride.

  2. Nick Calvi says:

    And I would have to disagree with your statement that Mel has done a good job as conservator of the GSE’s. He has basically left them with no capital buffer although for several years he said he would stop sending all the profits to the US treasury. He also is accused of bullying the FHFA inspector general. In fact the house senate financial services is holding an open meeting next month to explore. And how about the new Fannie Mae building that exceeded the budget by over 50% per square foot!

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