FHA Pushing 580 Scores

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The big lenders are reluctant to do FHA deals in the 580 FICO score range.  While this is opportunity for the smaller lenders, it needs to be addressed with FHA.

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  • This is terrific. It will not take any time at all to get back to the good ole 2008 era where a simple L.O.E. why part time employment is so inconvenient to your life style and you need a home for the children when you actually know who they are.

    Sam 450 September 8, 2015 2:56 am Reply
  • Sorry Guys, I hate to disagree but in my area alone I have 6 lenders who will do a 580 score on FHA including REMN who you mentioned in the start up. I also don’t agree with your conclusions on just WHY those scores are so low. The majority of my files with low scores all show a perfect rental history and yes while there may be medical collections you must remember that Obamacare didn’t ‘fix’ the health insurance problems since the premiums are most of the time way to expensive for the average person to afford. While the economy is supposedly doing so much better the cost of living rises faster than wages. We are displacing what used to be the middle class to where we have just the rich and the poor.

    Bobbi Swann September 8, 2015 9:26 am Reply

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