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FEMA Puts the Stall on Closings?



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"FEMA Puts the Stall on Closings?"

  1. Lisa Daniels says:

    I work with several carriers that issue private flood, it is much less expensive that FEMA.
    It can be issued as a rider for a fraction of a FEMA policy.

    I encourage everyone to reach our to the insurance agents you work with and get this information.

    It can save a deal!


  2. Tom Reichard says:

    It is possible to get private flood insurance to get around this problem and it will probably be cheaper too. Forget the government stuff!

  3. The fastest easiest way to get flood is to go to FloodSimple.com. They will give an online quote.

  4. Sue Vowels says:

    Where I live, we do not have a flood plain in our county. When I owned half of an insurance company, it was noted that it was illegal to sell flood insurance unless we were a certified flood plain—–I have not heard or read of that changing.

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